Yoga, Health and Wellness: Padmasana And Its Benefits


Padmasana is a vital part of Yoga, Health and Wellness program routine as it is a pose usually performed in the starting of a yoga session.What is the importance of yoga in daily life and what difference does it bring to your overall health could only be understood once you start doing it. People who practice Asanas and Pranayams on daily basis save themselves from doctors’ visits. Few days of practice makes you feel light, active, and functional. It brings vitality and remarkable improvement in immunity.

In this article, we are going to discuss one simple Asana named Padmasana which comes from the words padma meaning “lotus” and asana meaning “posture”.

Padmasana or Lotus Position is a cross-legged sitting asana, in which the feet are kept on the opposite thighs commonly used for meditation, breathing and physical stability. This asana is a meditative pose, so it is better to practice this asana in the morning but that does not mean you cannot perform it in the evening.

Padmasana provides a good meditation. It is good for both your mind and body. It keeps your body flexible. A regular practice of this posture helps in overall health of the practitioner just like a lotus flower, hence this name.


  1. Sit on the floor or on a mat with your legs stretched out in front of you touching each other while keeping the spine erect.
  2. Then bend the right knee and keep it on the left thigh; bend the left knee and keep it on the right thigh in a way that both the sole of the feet touch the abdomen.
  3. Keep your back, chest, neck and head erect.
  4. Make sure that both of your knees remain on the ground.
  5. Place your hands in the middle of your lap (keeping left hand over the other) or place your hands on the knees in gyan mudra.
  6. Keep the head straight and spine erect.
  7. Your eyes gently closed.
  8. Hold the position and continue with gentle breathing in and out.


  • You can repeat the asana by changing the feet.
  • When you bring your foot near the opposite groin, make sure the stretch in the inner and outer ankle remains the same.
  • You can start with 1 minute of practice and gradually you can perform this asana for hours.
  • It is beneficial for men, women, children and for old people if you do it with patience.
  • Practice this asana for at least 10 minutes on daily basis.


  1. This is the most important asana for meditation.
  2. It brings stability in body, mind and soul.
  3. It sharpens your memory and improves concentration power. Therefore, this asana is mainly beneficial for students.
  4. It cures all sorts of diseases related to legs
  5. It treats insomnia, bad temperament and stress.
  6. It increases your mental strength immensely
  7. It improves vitality and increases life of a person.
  8. Improves digestion.
  9. Relaxes your mind.
  10. It reduces muscular tension and brings blood pressure under control.
  11. It also reduces menstrual discomfort.
  12. Yoga, Health and wellness programs are getting popular among people seeking great health because yoga is responsible for overall health of an individual without any side effects.


You should avoid practicing this asana in case of knee of ankle injury.


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