Valentines Day Ideas: Make your day memorable with these 8 yummy desserts

valentines desserts

Valentines Day Ideas: Make your Valentines memorable with these 8 yummy desserts: What would accompany you better than a dessert, to confess your feelings to your special one this Valentines. We have been listening to the wise words  “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, all you ladies out there, this is the time you can get him head over heels by serving your man with amazing food and what better than a dessert.

And Boys!! Why should girls have all the privilege of wooing their partners? Yes, it’s a privilege to be vested with an opportunity of impressing someone. You men can also surprise your ladies with your cooking skills this Valentines and show them how good you are at this too.

Here, we share 8 yummy desserts to start and end your day with.

  1. Rich Red Velvet Cake

Today, the official cake of Love is Red Velvet Cake. You start to feel the love in the air just by the glimpse of this cake.  It gives you the vibes of love and romance. Surprise your partner by serving this cake in bed and kick start your Valentine’s day with a smile on your faces.

red velvet cake


  1. Chocolate dipped Strawberries

There is simply nothing better than strawberries when it comes to woo your partner. You can just eat these lovely fresh strawberries anytime. There are lot of ways of eating strawberries but the one that would suit the occasion of Valentines is the Chocolate dipped Strawberries. Get fresh strawberries from the market, a Fondue and chocolate of your choice. Arrange the setup and enjoy the lovely chocolate strawberries with your love.

chocolate strawberry


  1. Hot Cocoa

How about serving your partner a glass of Hot Cocoa? This is something you can experiment a lot with. You can serve it any time of the day. Serving it with choco chip cookies would add up to your surprise.

hot cocoa


  1. Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream

No dessert list is complete without ice cream. Lift up the mood of your partner with a chilled refreshing strawberry shortcake ice cream. It will give you the essence of two: cake and ice cream in just one dessert.

strawberry ice cream


  1. Cherry Cupcakes

How about making the cutest Cherry cakes? They look like food angels that no one can resist and cheery on the top makes them a real bliss.

cherry cupcakes


  1. Heart Shaped Macarons

Macarons are in trend. Making perfect heart shaped Macarons would definitely spice up your valentines this year. They are easy to make and quick to impress anyone. Their shape would create magic. Make them bright pink or red to add up to the ambience of love and romance.



  1. Nutella Stuffed Cookies

Who does not like cookies. They are the small little creatures that could win anyone’s heart and when it is stuffed with nutella, its miraculous. Get on your hands to the baking tray and prepare these irresistible nutella stuffed cookies to flatter your valentine this year.

nutella stuffed cookies


  1. Valentine’s Day Candies

These popular Valentine’s Day Candies can help you bring out your creative caps from the closet. These candies with love messages are much popular these days. Don’t lag behind the trend and get these tiny candies straight from your kitchen to your valentine’s plate and wait for the magic to happen.

love candies


Hope you like these Valentines Day Ideas of wooing your partner with your baking and cooking skills this year. Have an amazing Valentines!



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