Use these 5 Herbal Homemade Face Packs this Holi to colour your favourite people


5 Herbal Homemade Face Packs this Holi : When it comes to Holi, all you can think of is great food, bright colours, white attires, thandai and what not, but in the recent years, due to huge availability of harmful chemicals present in Holi colours, we have witnessed a number of people getting skin problems which has changed the minds of most of the people to go all green and herbal, resultantly we have even seen multiple companies coming up with all natural and herbal colours in the last couple of years but that too has turned into an ugly game of adulteration.

It seems like no product has remained safe and pure in the market these days, and when we have no one to trust, you can only trust yourself. Make your own herbal colours and packs this Holi. How? Stay on the page..

This Holi, we will tell you how you can use herbal and colourful face packs to colour the faces of your loved ones. These packs are not only herbal and natural but also colourful and fun to play with.  You can keep these packs handy by putting them in small pouches.

Let’s get started….

  1. Color me Yellow

Putting bright yellow colour on the faces of your loved ones is one thing and if it gives you healthy beautiful looking skin, it’s another level of bliss.



How to prepare:

Take gram flour as needed. For one person, 3 tablespoons of flour is sufficient. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and as much water required to make a thick paste. There you go! This is a kind of the pack nobody would refuse to get coloured with.

Wish your special ones Happy Holi with this antiseptic herbal yellow coloured pack.

Note: You can skip turmeric because it reacts under the sun.


  1. Multani Mitti Pack (Mud Pack)

This is the most basic and amazing pack that suits all kinds of skin type. All you need to do is get a herbal Multani Mitti powder from the market, mix some water to form a thick paste. Your pack is ready to colour the faces. People would happily get themselves coloured with this pack.

multani mitti


  1. Go Green!

Green is trending. How about going green this Holi? Colour people green this Holi. Grab a handful of basil leaves or Neem leaves. Finely grind them, add some water to get a thick paste consistency. Colour your people green and enrich their skin with the goodness of basil leaves or Neem leaves this Holi.

green pack


  1. Refreshing Orange Pack

This one is a real facial pack mainly used to bring a glow to the skin. You just need to soak orange lentils for at least an hour. Grind it to form a fine paste by adding some water to it. The pack is ready to be used. Colour your best people with this pack and trust me they will thank you for doing this to them.

red lentils


  1. Fruity layer

This would be the best and most fun to play Holi with. Just grab your favourite fruit, squeeze it onto the faces of your special ones and surprise them with the fruity layers this Holi. Go for seasonal fruits like oranges, grapes, etc.

fruit mask


Have a Happy and Safe Holi!

5 Herbal Homemade Face Packs this Holi


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