Try These Simple Eczema Allergies Home Remedies


Eczema Allergies Home Remedies: Eczema, is a group of diseases resulting in inflammation of the skin. These diseases are identified by itchiness, red skin, and rashes or may be blisters and in severe cases, the skin may become thickened and dried.

It is a skin condition that includes allergies and irritation of the skin. The true cause of the condition is unclear. The type of eczema is normally determined by the patient’s medical history and the location of the affected area. Generally it occurs on the hands of people who keep their hands wet almost all the times.

The irritation and inflammation in the skin could be reduces by applying moisturizers and apart from that, Antibiotics are required in cases of skin infection.

Eczema symptoms may vary person to person as per its severity. They differ from skin rashes to bumpy rashes including blisters. But there are certain signs that are common in all conditions that include redness of the skin, swelling, itching and skin lesions.

The main causes of eczema is unknown however, it is supposed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors

Now, we will discuss some effective eczema allergies home remedies.


Take 250 ml of organic mustard oil. Take a pan and put it on flame. Pour this oil into the pan. When the oil starts boiling, add 50 grams of new baby leaves of neem tree to it. Take the pan off the flame immediately when the leaves turn black or else the oil will get burnt. Strain the oil when it gets cool and store it in a glass bottle. Apply this oil on the affected area at least thrice a day. This will cure the problem of eczema in just few days. If you continue this treatment for regular one year, you will get rid of eczema for all your life and it will never relapse.

mustard oilneem leaves

Alternative Remedy

Take 4 grams of dry chirayta (bitterstick or Indian Gentian), 4 grams of kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa) and soak them in 125 ml of water overnight in an earthen or glass jar. Strain this water in the morning and drink it as first thing and immediately pour 125 ml of water in the same mixture for the next day, this way you can use the same mixture for next four days. Thereafter soak 4 grams of each ingredient every fourth day. Consume this water for regular 2-4 weeks, you will see remarkable improvement in the problems of eczema, boils, acne, other skin related problems and it also helps in purifying your blood.



  1. Besides drinking this water, you should also wash your affected area with the water.
  2. Besides treating eczema and blood-related problems, it also helps in the treatment of bone tuberculosis, stomach related medical issues, psoriasis and even skin cancer. You should drink this water for regular 1-2 months in severe health diseases and if you are not able to drink it on regular basis, you can have it twice a week and it will give you the desired results. For children, two tablespoons are sufficient, you can give 2-3 sips of water to the child to balance the bitter taste of the water.
  3. It also treats the severe skin problems including psoriasis. In this disease, the affected area turns red and get swollen leading to dryness and removal of upper layer of the skin giving an effect of fish like pattern on the skin. The hair growth stops at the affected area but when your skin starts to get normal, the hair starts growing and this is the symptom of undergoing the right treatment. Use of chirayta and kutki treats this incurable disease if you undergo this treatment for regular 1-2 months and this is one of the best eczema allergies home remedies that you can easily try at your own.
  4. This treatment is very beneficial in all kinds of fever especially in viral fever.

Caution: Pregnant and menstruating women are advised to avoid this treatment.



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