Treatments For Severe Allergic Reactions By Scorpion Sting


What one should do in case of severe allergic reactions caused due to scorpion sting is provided here. With the use of the under mentioned remedies one can combat the terrible consequences of scorpion bites.

Scorpion stings usually result in pain and variable swelling. The part of the scorpion that delivers the sting is called “telson”.

Most scorpion stings vary from less swelling to significant lesions, only a few are able to cause severe allergic reactions. Only two species of scorpions can inflict stings which result in death: the Israeli deathstalker and the Brazilian yellow scorpion. Anti-venom exists for both the species.


First, take a piece of rough stone, clean it up and sprinkle few drops of water on it. Rub a small piece of alum on the same stone. Apply a coat of the alum paste formed, on the area where scorpion has bitten and give some heat to the area. With the use of this remedy, the effect of poison is reduced in just two minutes, no matter how poisonous the scorpion is.


  • If the scorpion is too poisonous (whose rump touches the ground) bites on that area of your body where you can tie a rope or a cloth like your hand, leg, finger etc. In the first place, firmly tie a rope or a piece of cloth just four fingers above the bitten area. Also tie two or more ropes or pieces of cloth four-four fingers above the first knot so that scorpion poison cannot spread further in the blood.
  • If the sting remains in the area, take a needle or a tweezers, heat it up a little and remove the sting from the skin using the needle or a tweezers and should be treated with the following remedies without wasting any more time:
  1. Apply the above-mentioned alum paste in the bitten area or
  2. Take the finely grounded rock salt and a piece of onion. Spread the salt on the onion and rub it on the bitten area, it will remove both the poison and the sting.


On the scorpion bitten area, take 5-7 matchsticks and remove the mixture from the match head and rub it in water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the bitten area. This will remove the scorpion poison from the area. Applying it to bee or wasp bite, the poison does not spread and brings instant relief in severe allergic reaction.


Clay treatment– Clay pack or Clay bandage – On the place of scorpion bite/sting, a coat of half an inch of wet clay can be applied or a clay-bandage can be tied, this tends to erode the effect of irritation, poison and severe allergic reactions, and brings calmness and tranquillity in the body.

To make ‘CLAY BANDAGE’, grind the soil to fine granules and place it in a vessel. Pour cold water into it and make it a thick paste. Spread that paste on a piece of cloth or sack in such a way that the place where the bandage is to be constructed should have equal dispersal. The coat of the soil shall be at least half an inch thick. Before the drying of the first bandage, it should be taken off and another should be placed. Normal phase for the bandage is about half to one hour. Depending on the severity of the disease, this time can be increased or decreased. In the absence of clothes or sack, half an inch of wet clay can be coated on the affected part of the body and can be taken off with water after drying. The ‘clay bandage’ should be tied before or after one hour of the meal, otherwise there is a fear of indigestion. In addition to scorpion bites, the clay-bandage also helps to remove the poison of bees, wasps and centipedes. Due to the presence of ‘Silicia’ element in the soil, it is beneficial for all sorts of skin diseases. With the help of clay-bandage, the problems like boils, pimples, swelling, herpes, scabies etc. can be removed in 3-4 days. This method benefits in the leprosy disease as well. Nose and mouth blisters, acne etc. are all cured with the help of clay-bandage. Smooth clay or sandy soil is considered to be the best. The use of red clay is good in joint pain and neural dysfunction. Use of black soil in skin diseases and wounds is particularly beneficial. The soil should be dug from a clean and well-lighted place.


  • The poison remains at the back in scorpions.
  • There is a poison in the thorns of the spikes of the centipede. Some say that there is a poison in both the sting and the mouth of centipede and black bee.
  • There is poison in the spider’s saliva etc.
  • Wasps and honey bees contain poison in their stings.
  • Lion, cat, dog contain poison in their nails and teeth.
  • Snakes, lizards, rats, frogs, dogs, jackals, lions, cheetahs, leopards, goats etc. have poison in the teeth.
  • There is tremendous power to immediately throw off the terrible effects of toxin and reducing severe allergic reactions in the soil.



You can also apply fresh basil leaves juice on the affected area. This works as a first aid because it immediately reduces the swelling and pain caused by the bite. Thereafter, you can get the formal medical help for the treatment of scorpion poison.


Juice of fresh mint leaves also works wonders in reducing the swelling and pain caused due to scorpion bite. All you need is to apply the fresh juice on the bitten area and this will reduce the early effects of the bite.


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