Treat All Kinds Of Diarrhea with these Natural Treatments


Diarrhea is a condition of having frequent and watery stools each day. It usually lasts for a couple of days and could result in dehydration due to loss of fluid from the body. Signs of dehydration usually start with loss of the normal stretchiness and dryness of the skin. This could lead to decreased urination, loss of glow of skin, increase in heart rate, as it becomes more severe but you can reduce such effects with some natural treatments at home.

The most common cause of the condition is an intestinal infection due to virus, bacteria, or parasite, also known as gastroenteritis. These infections are mainly acquired from food or water contaminated by faeces, or direct contact with the infected person. The three types of diarrhea are: short duration watery diarrhea, short duration bloody diarrhea, and persistent diarrhea that lasts more than two weeks. The short duration watery diarrhea could be due to an infection caused by cholera. And if you experience blood in the stools, it is known as dysentery. There could be ample causes that can result in diarrhea. These include lactose intolerance, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, celiac disease irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, hyperthyroidism, medications, bile acid diarrhea etc. In most cases, the stools of the patient confirm the exact cause of the condition.

Diarrhea can be prevented by improved sanitation, clean drinking water, hand washing with soap, etc. Oral rehydration solution (ORS)-clean water with generous amounts of salts and sugar is the treatment one should opt in the initial stage. Zinc tablets are also recommended. These treatments have saved a large number of infants in previous days. When people suffer from diarrhea, it is recommended that they continue to eat healthy food and babies continue to be breastfed. You can easily prepare ORS at home with the use of little ingredients (water, salt and sugar).

Now, we will mention some easy yet effective natural treatments to cure all kinds of diarrhea at home and that too without any side effects.


Take 5-10 (approx. 1-2 tablespoons) grams of Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) and add 125 grams of curd/yoghurt to it. Mix the two well.  Eat this mixture every morning and evening and this will help to regulate your motions. Psyllium husk solidifies your faeces and reduces the stiffness in intestine. It is also helpful in the treatment of dysentery.


  1. It is important that dysentery patient shall have complete rest during the illness.
  2. Do not give any solid food to the patient for first two days, rather give butter milk at least thrice a day.
  3. Add roasted cumin seeds to curd/yoghurt and regularly eat it for a couple of days. It improves digestion. Eating roasted fennel seeds serves the same purpose.
  4. Applying ginger juice around the belly button treats all kinds of diarrhea.

Alternative Treatment 1

Take fennel seeds and white cumin seeds in equal quantities. Roast them and thereafter grind the seeds to form a fine powder. Eat 3 grams of this powder in every 3 hours with fresh water. It is tone of the simplest but effective natural treatments for loose motions.

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For all stomach related problems- take 12 grams of fennel seeds, 6 grams of white cumin seeds. Finely grind the seeds and thereafter add 12 grams of khaand (brown sugar) to  the powder formed. Store this mixture in a glass container. Consume one gram of this mixture twice a day (morning and evening) with water (at room temperature) for regular 10-15 days. This will treat all stomach related problems including stomach-ache, gas troubles, etc. and patients who suffer with low appetite, vomit just after meal can also use this remedy, it works wonders in the condition.

Alternative Treatment 2

a. Take 10 grams of dry Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and 5 grams of black harad (terminalia chebula). Grind both of the ingredients well to form a fine powder. Thereafter, eat one gram of this mixture with water every morning and evening. This is considered as one of the simplest yet effective remedy for curing all kinds of loose motions. 3 to 4 doses of this medicine completely regulate the motions and even make your gut strong.

b. For watery stools: Take half a cup of boiling water, add one tablespoon of ginger juice to it and drink it as hot as you can. Consuming this water every hour will miraculously cure the problem of watery stools in a day or two.

c. For watery and frequent stools: Take 30 grams of dry Alma (Indian Gooseberry) and grind it in water to form a thick dough-like. Form a well-like structure with this dough around the patient’s belly button but do not cover the centre of the button. Immediately fill up this well with ginger juice and let the patient lie down without moving for 15-20 minutes. This remedy treats watery and frequent stools without consuming any medicine be it herbal or otherwise.



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