Red Blood Cells (RBCs) Enhancing Super Foods


Human blood consists of red blood cells and white blood cells. Insufficient red blood cells mass in body is a medical problem called Anaemia and the causes for the same are excessive bleeding, nutritional deficiencies, blood disorders like thalassemia, etc. but the real cause of the problem shall be diagnosed by none other than your doctor. Beside foods that help to treat anaemia, there are certain yogaasanas and pranayams also that work as blood booster.

In this article, we are going to talk about the super foods, yogasanas, and pranayams for healing anaemic condition


Soak 10-12 currants (munakke) in water overnight. After 12 hours of soaking, take out the seeds of the currants (munakke) and eat them one by one by chewing them thoroughly. Consumption of this super food increases blood in only 2-4 weeks. The remedy also cleans your blood and cures nose bleeding. Zante currants (munakke) are a seminal stimulant and benefits in stomach and lung diseases.


Wash 230 raisins with hot water and clean them. Soak them in raw milk. After half an hour, boil the milk with raisins in it. Then eat raisins (one by one) and drink the hot milk afterwards. This remedy will increase red blood cells mass in your blood. Those who experience extreme cold than others in winters and find really difficult to deal with it, their complaint of feeling extreme cold is sorted by this remedy in few days. Chronic weakness, low blood pressure, liver diseases, indigestion, are also cured by eating raisins in the above mentioned method.


Drink 25 ml of grapes juice daily, half an hour after your lunch and dinner for 2-3 weeks. In few days, problems like stomach inflammation, indigestion, frustration, heart problems including cardiac arrest, dizziness, headache, etc. will be cured. This remedy is particularly beneficial for women. Fresh grapes juice provides immense strength to weak patients. It not only forms red blood cells in your body, but also nourishes muscles, improves complexion and brings a natural glow and redness to your face. Regular consumption of the juice cures urinary problems ans is also beneficial in the various diseases of lungs. Grapes are also the best medicine for removing physical weakness in children. Giving two tablespoons of grapes juice to your child in afternoon every day, will remarkably improve his/her health. The skin becomes healthy. It cures constipation in children and cleanses stomach. Due to the abundance of iron element in grapes, raisins and currants, they help in formation of red blood cells in your blood.


  1. Chew your food thoroughly.
  2. 125 ml of spinach juie should be consumed for a couple of days. This gives rise in the blood count and brings natural glow to the face. Spinach is called iron and copper mine and lack of vitamin B complexes is met by comsuming spinach juice. When you have substantial amount of red blood cells in the blood, you will never experience problems like mental stress, low and high blood pressure, joint pain ever in your life.
  3. Presence of iron elment in tomatoes is twice as there in milk and 5 times more than in egg white. It always keeps blood pure and increases immunity of the body. Apart from this, eating tomatoes saves one from eye diseases, cures liver diseases, eliminates harmful worms from intestine and improves digestion by curing common stomach related problems. Consumption of tomatoes for stone patients is prohibited.
  4. Foods like tomatoes, grapes, spinach, amla, carrots, beetroot, chenopodium album (bathua), amaranthus (chaulai), fenugreek leaves, pomegranate, radish leaves, tamarind, apples, oranges are all good blood boosters. Drinking half a cup of beetroot juice for 3-4 times a day on regular basis benefits in the treatment of blood cancer (leukaemia).
  5. Regular practice of different asanas and pranayams increases blood cell count and also purifies blood. The following are the particular asanas and pranayams you can practice on regular basis to treat anaemia.
  6. Breathing exercise
  7. Anulom-Vilom pranayama
  8. Kapal bhaati pranayama
  9. Uttanapadasana
  10. Pashchimottanasana

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