Preventative Vision Care At Home


Vision care is one important health care routine that one shall follow because your eyes are the most helpful out of all senses when it comes to sense things around you.

Fortunately there are some common eye problems apart from serious ones that could be prevented at home with the help of natural home remedies, regular exercise, following a nutritious diet, yoga etc.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the natural healthy ways of preventative vision care for some common eye problems.


After brushing your teeth in morning, fill up your mouth with as much cold water as you can. Keep your eyes wide open and splash cold water on your eyes, do it for three times every day- morning, noon and in evening. You will experience freshness in your eyes and it will prevent you from all sorts of eye problems. This will help you get rid of your spectacles in few months of practice. You will start to feel the change in a month.


  • Note that the water in your mouth does not get warm. Immediately change the water when it happens.
  • When spitting out the water, do it with good pressure. This will be more beneficial and will also prevent wrinkles under your eyes.·         Note that the water you use is not chilled.


Take fresh water in a Neti pot (pot with a spout). Try to point the spout straight up in line with the left nasal passage so that the nozzle remains straight inside the left nostril. Tilt your right nostril down and keep your left nostril upwards and breathe from your mouth. The water inserted in the left nostril will automatically come out through right nostril and the same way take out the water from the left nostril which was inserted through right nostril.

What you should do after jala-neti (nasal cleansing)

To remove the remaining water from your nose, Bhastrika Pranayam is helpful. In Bhastrika Pranayam, one breathes forcefully. Lean forward a little and move your neck from right to left, up and down and practice this Bhastrika pranayam, so that the remaining drops of water in the nose come out, otherwise there is a risk of having nasal problems.


  • If possible try to learn the Neti technique properly from a yogi.
  • Note that you should always practice Neti with fresh and plain water.
  • In the beginning, practice this Neti for a little while and then gradually increase the time. Generally flushing out one pot of water from one nostril and another pot of water from other nostril is enough.
  • Using 1 litre of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of salt mixed in it is good in winters.


  •  The remedy is very helpful in improving eye-sight and when you practice this remedy regularly without fail, you will get rid of your glasses in few months.
  • No other products are more beneficial than this.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It also cures a common cold.
  • It helps you feel fresh, serene and lighter.
  • It removes heat and dryness from your body.
  • This is the best preventative vision care you can ever try.


  • Every night, massaging your sole, toes and top of your feet with warm mustard oil sharpens your eye-sigh. Applying this oil especially on both of your big toes on daily basis will prevent you from all kinds of eye problems and also helps to sharpen your eye-sight. In addition, it removes the roughness and dryness of your feet and makes your feet look soft and beautiful. It also cures swelling of feet.
  • One of the simplest preventative vision care technique is- After both your meals (lunch and dinner), wash your hands, rub them together for a while and when they get warm, place them over your eyes. This cures and prevents most of your eye problems. This technique also cures vision defects.

NOTE: Avoid this practice in case of redness, swelling and inflammation in your eyes.


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