Preventative Care Remedies



 “Water is life, and clean water means health”.

-Audrey Hepburn


One must imbibe this remedy in his daily routine as a preventative care. All that you need is to fill a copper vessel with 250 ml of fresh water in the evening. Slowly drink this water before sunrise as first thing in the morning; thereafter walk 100 steps before defecation. It cures constipation and makes defecation easy. One who practices this remedy regularly remains free from hemorrhoids, stomach disorders, liver-spleen diseases, urine and sperm-related diseases, leprosy, headache, eye disorders, and several diseases caused due to bile. He remains always young and energetic.


  • If you consume this water from your nose instead of your mouth, it completely cures headache, cold, sinusitis, nosebleed, etc. You tend to develop sharp eyesight like eagles. You get rid of untimely white hair and all like diseases.
  • If the water is extremely cold in the winter season then you can have warm water.
  • Drinking copper vessel water before sunrise is considered as healthy as mother’s milk.


Japan’s ‘Sickness Association’ has confirmed in one of its articles that a number of long old diseases can be cured if you drink water appropriately, such as headaches, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, anaemia, arthritis, rheumatism, paralysis, heart diseases, cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, lung disease, liver disease, hyper acidity, gastritis, dysentery, diseases of digestive system, urological diseases, irregular menstruation, uterus and breast cancer, nose, throat and ear-related diseases, eye diseases, etc. This therapy has proved to be the primary prevention of diseases.

If a person includes this therapy in his daily routine, he can truly maintain a healthy living.Method of drinking water:

Just after waking up in the morning, drink four glasses of water, one after another before brushing your teeth. Do not eat or drink anything for at least an hour after that. You can brush your teeth afterwards.If you are not able to drink four glass of water at a time due to weakness in body or any other reason, it is better to first start with having 1 to 2 glasses of water and then gradually increase to 4 glasses. The first one or two glasses of water have no major impact on health. Yes, you may have to urinate for 3-4 times in an hour in initial 4-5 days and some individuals may experience loose and watery stools, but after three or four days, urination will regularize and gradually everything will get normal.

People, who are suffering from joints and rheumatic pain, should do it three times a day for the first week and from next week onwards, once a day is enough. You can drink water after two hours of your meal while you are pursuing this WATER THERAPY.

The above method of drinking water benefits both patients and healthy people, but it is important for persons who are undergoing this therapy, to follow under mentioned guidelines:

a.   Intake of cold drink, food made of corn flour and gram flour, fried food, sweets and spicy food should be avoided and more focus should be on eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

b.   Tea, coffee, chocolate, ice-cream, etc. should also be avoided.

c.   It is specifically stated that during the treatment, smoking and drinking habits should be done away with.

d.   Drink four glasses of water a day and thereafter, only when you feel the need.

e.   Nothing should be eaten just before going to bed especially an apple.

f.    If the water is not pure, boil or filter it in the night and drink this filtered water in the morning.

From the inferences and experiences, it can be said that using this water therapy, a number of diseases get cured within few days such as hypertension and diabetes get cured in a month, digestion and intestinal diseases such as gas, constipation etc. get cured in ten days, cancer in six months and lung tuberculosis in three months. This preventative care therapy can be continued by the patient even after getting completely cured of the disease.

According to the ‘Indian Health Association’ it is a scientifically tested method. Drinking water in the above manner also cleanses your intestine and makes it work effectively. It also helps to form new blood in the body. All the toxins in the body get flushed out, cleanses stomach, cures constipation. Having a clean bowel does not let many of the diseases affect your body.

In medical practice, it has been said if a healthy person drinks four glasses of water in the morning every day, he will never fall sick. The Japanese Sickness Association has by giving this therapy a scientific basis, glorified this unique therapy used by Indian sages long back as a primary prevention of diseases.


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