Preventative care code for various health issues


Preventative care code for various health issues: There are ample foods that are medicinal and work wonders in the treatment of various diseases and even be consumed as preventative care remedies but if we mix those foods with certain other food(s), they turn out to be poison. We are going to discuss some of the types of anti-foods with examples.

Anti in properties- eating fish and milk together can cause white spots leading to leprosy.

Anti in combination- milk and radish.

Anti in season- eating dry and cold foods in winters.

Anti in matter- water stored in a bronze vessel for ten days or more.

If you avoid such combinations and foods, you can easily prevent various common diseases. Now we will mention some of the right and wrong combination in foods that can harm or benefit your health or just be preventative care remedies.

Wrong food combinations

  1. Milk with- curd, salt, tamarind, musk-melon, coconut, radish and its leaves, jaggery, oil, sour fruits and foods.
  2. Curd with- milk, milk made dishes, cottage cheese, hot or warm food, musk melon, etc.
  3. Milk-rice pudding(kheer) with- jackfruit, anything sour, alcohol.
  4. Honey with- radish, grapes, rain water, anything hot.
  5. Cold water with- peanuts, butter or ghee, oil, watermelon, guava, blackberries, cucumber, hot milk or anything hot;
  6. Ghee or butter with- honey,
  7. Musk-melon with- garlic, radish leaves, milk and curd;
  8. Watermelon with- mint leaves, col water.
  9. Tea with- cucumber,
  10. Rice with- vinegar.

Right food combinations – Where there are many wrong food combinations, there are certain right food combinations that are good for your health and even work as preventative care remedies for many diseases. We should mention them too:

  1. Musk-melon with sugar
  2. Mango with cow’s milk
  3. Banana with cardamom
  4. Milk with dates
  5. Rice with curd
  6. Rice with coconut pulp
  7. Wheat or pulses with milk and curd
  8. Tamarind with jaggery
  9. Guava with aniseeds
  10. Watermelon with jaggery
  11. Worn with buttermilk
  12. Chenopodium album (bathua) with curd
  13. Carrot with fenugreek leaves

Treatments for health problems caused due to excess eating of certain foods: If you have developed any disease or health issue due to excess eating of a certain food, then you can treat and prevent the same with the help of these food combinations provided in the list below:


Excess eating of food                                                                        foods for the treatment

that causes health issues                                                                 of such issues

1. Banana                                                                                                   one or two cardamom

2. Mango                                                                                                     few blackberries/milk

3. Blackberry                                                                                            two mangoes/ a pinch of salt

4. Musk-melon                                                                                         half a cup of sugar syrup

5. Watermelon                                                                                         1-2  gram(s) of salt/ one clove

6. Apple                                                                                                     one tablespoon rose-petal jam

7. Guava                                                                                                     aniseeds (saunf)

8. Lemon                                                                                                   salt

9. Berries                                                                                                   sugarcane/vinegar/warm water

10. Sugarcane                                                                                           berries

11. Rice                                                                                                       coconut pulp/ajwain/curd

12. Pulses                                                                                                   jaggery/vinegar

13. Peas                                                                                                     ginger/dry ginger powder

14. Wheat or pulses                                                                                milk/curd

15. Gram flour                                                                                         radish leaves

16. Radish                                                                                                 radish leaves/ sesame seeds

17. Tamarind                                                                                             jaggery

18. Brinjal                                                                                                  mustard oil

19. Sweet potato                                                                                       jaggery

20. Corn                                                                                                     butter milk

21. Ghee/butter                                                                                        black pepper/warm water

22. Stale and smelly butter /ghee                                                        lemon juice

23. Milk-rice pudding (kheer)                                                              black pepper

24. Laddoo                                                                                                peepal leaves

25. Oily and fried food                                                                           warm water

26. Guava                                                                                                  sprinkle some salt and pepper

27. Peanuts                                                                                               buttermilk/jaggery


Side-effects of medicines                                                                   Treatments

  1. Vertigos/anxiety                                                                                   use of lemons
  2. Sulfa allergies                                                                                        use of lemons
  3. Side effects of allopathic medicines                                                  eat amla (Indian gooseberry) jam

(boils, burning in legs)                                                                         for continuous few days

4. Giddiness and anxiety                                                                          white cumin seeds and rock sugar

due to heat



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