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In India, there are many NGO’s and foundations are are work for better life to children. They give better facility to the child. It includes such as good environment, better future, education and food, clothes and many more things. It educates the less privilege during evening classes in all subjects with emphasis on English language and computers and extracurricular activity to prepare them for future job opportunities through confidence and communication skill building. They handle all things in well managed. Sometimes, many foundations have own ultimate goal like they find a loving family for every child without parental care. They do this by allocating resources to more effectively facilitate family-based care options, including adoption, and working with the community to ensure that excellent family support services are in place.

In India, there are many NGO’s which providing learning material to help every child grow smarter stronger and kinder. There are many types of facility available to the children. Many children are unprepared for school and life. Thus the NGO’S gives them proper training and education for better life. Many organization works for the best interest of the poor and help them only making their best future. They secure children’s life by giving them better future. They have to use ensure to make the best use of our resources for children’s. Through your continuous support, children, their families and communities witness developments that open doors to lasting change.

NGO’s is providing the best and possible help for children from low-income communities to achieve through its network of high-performing public-private partnership schools. Each school maximizes their use of time, money and materials creatively leveraging government infrastructure, volunteers and a disciplined approach to managing the cost per child annually of an NGO’s and foundation of School. In many times, children want to develop the ability to take initiative, solve problems, overcome difficulties, manage conflict, interact with each other and understand instructions, it helps them overcome the effects of adversity and catch up to normal development. It includes the many types of facility to interact with children. NGO’s taking following type of care about children while a child is in transition to a family, they guarantee:
1.A quality education
2.A safe and loving environment
3.Personalized care so they are healthy and “known”

Even when managed by people with good intentions, children’s homes often lack the necessary funds, resources, and knowledge to properly provide for the children in their care.
NGO’s must try everything in their power to save children. All children have the right to a healthy childhood, a quality education and an opportunity for a promising future. NGO’s job is to give everyone the opportunity to join in and be the miracle these children are hoping for.

In India, there are many foundations gives training for NGO professionals to undertake the Personal Safety Education Programmed implementation at their school or organizational level and also to help build a child protection’ environment in their organization. Children Safety in schools is the big motive of the NGO’s. They provide the best feature of the school and organizations. They provide better skills to develop are effectively handle children’s disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). They also conduct training for social workers on Basic Counseling skills for them to handle first level intervention in cases of child sexual abuse. The training schedule is provided to each trainer to enable or understand the program easily. The Personal Safety Education Program is the implement of the better life. These training can be customized to suit the needs of the Child Help NGO.


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