Insect Bites Allergy Home Remedies


1.  Honey Bee sting/bite allergy home remedies

One of the best honey bee sting allergy home remedies is to simply rub a mixture of finely ground salt and kerosene oil on the affected area or pour kerosene oil on the bite and apply salt on the top. This helps to reduce the bee’s poison immediately. First, take out the sting with a help of tweezers or a needle and massage with a mixture of salt and kerosene oil and have a glass of cold water. In the absence of kerosene oil, put some salt on the bite, sprinkle few drops of water over it and massage the area for 5-7 minutes. This will subside the inflammation, pain and swelling.


  • It also helps to treat wasp bite and other like poisonous insects.
  • Gently rubbing a piece of iron like a key, dipped in kerosene oil helps to negate the toxic effects of the bite.

2. Wasp bite/sting allergy home remedies

Applying turpentine oil on the wasp or any other poisonous insect bite allergy is one treatment that reduces the pain and redness immediately.

Alternative remedy

Applying a paste of 10 gram petals of the marigold flower and 5-6 pepper kernels, negates the poison effect and reduces the pain, burning and inflammation.


  •   Placing a thin yellow cloth soaked in water on the wasp bite relieves the pain and inflammation.
  •   Chewing two teaspoons of dry coriander/cilantro seeds with water in case of wasp bite reduces the burning and irritation immediately. The sudden symptoms of wasp bite are redness, swelling, burning, severe pain, fever and vomiting.
  •   Yellow wasp is less poisonous. Black, big head, dotted are very poisonous. The poisoning treatment for the cases of black bee bites or scorpion bites, crush a few leaves of black basil leaves and add a pinch of salt and then apply this on the affected area for 2-3 times and drinking Basil (tulsi) water (cushed leaves mixed with water) relieves pain, burning and swelling.

3. Rat bites Remedy

Poisoning treatment for rat bite is quite rare as people consider rat bites not dangerous but at times these bites can be highly poisonous and in such case, applying a paste of fresh green peppermint leaves on the area of rat bite negates the rat poison. It is good to eat green peppermint leaves along with the treatment.


Immediately after a rat bite, boil Sonamukhi (Senna herb) leaves in water and drink the same for a couple of days. The rat poison will be excreted from your body during defecation. 


  • The above poisoning treatment also helps to negate the poison of mongoose or cat bite. Constant drinking of peppermint water reduces the effect of most of the poisons and applying a coat of peppermint paste on the bite removes the poison from the body. This remedy is also advantageous in the case of a wasp sting, poisonous insect bites; scorpion sting etc. besides applying mint paste, eating mint leaves by stuffing them inside the Indian paan descends scorpion venom from the body.
  • Rat bite is painful. It leads to redness, swelling, burning and heart palpitation. After a month or two, the acute symptoms subside, but swelling remains. Rat bite leaves a clear mark of both his teeth and the wound bleeds too and when it comes in contact with water, it starts to burn a lot. In such cases, one should avoid eating spices and sour.
  • If there are loads of rats in the house, take a cloth or cork soaked in turpentine oil and put them on their usual paths or place alum powder at the places where there may be mice. Mice run away from the smell of alum.
  • Always keep your food covered and never forget to do this before going to bed at night.

4. Mosquito and insect bites allergy home remedies

Massage with a sliced lemon or sliced onion on the mosquito or insect bite allergy or apply lemon juice, onion juice or juice of Tulsi (Basil)leaves. In a case of poisonous mosquito or insect bite, rubbing garlic juice by squeezing a clove on the bite brings instant relief. On an ant or spider bite, immediately wash the affected area with salt water. On moderately poisonous insects, mosquito bites etc, massaging the area with lemon juice or your own saliva relieves the pain and itching. Rub Tulsi (Basil) leaves or its juice on poisonous insect bites. Immediately self-urinating at the affected area is an unusual but effective remedy in all cases of poisonous insect bites.



5. Spider bites allergy home remedies

Most spiders do not have venom and cause severe bites. Bites from the widow spiders involve a neurotoxic venom which produces a condition known as latrodectism. Symptoms may include: pain which may be at the bite or involve your chest and abdomen. It may cause sweating, muscle cramps and vomiting among others. Bites from the recluse spiders cause the condition loxoscelism, in which local necrosis of the surrounding skin and widespread breakdown of red blood cells may occur. Headaches, vomiting and a mild fever may also occur. Other spiders can cause significant bites.


Baking soda is an effective remedy for spider bites. The alkaline nature of baking soda can reduce the amount of venom in the body. It also helps to reduce the pain, itching and inflammation.  which will help reduce pain, itching and inflammation.

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 3 teaspoons of water. With the help of a cotton ball, apply this mixture on the affected area for 5 minutes. Wash the area with lukewarm water.


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