Poisoning Treatment For Snake Bites


A snakebite is an injury which is caused by the bite of a snake whereas snake poisoning is caused due to the bite of a poisonous or a venomous snake. The most common and patent symptom of a bite from a poisonous snake is the presence of two puncture wounds or a bruise from the fangs of the snake which further results in redness, swelling and severe pain at the area. Shivering in the limbs, vomiting, trouble seeing and sweating may also occur. The snakes mostly bite on arms or legs. The poison in rare cases may cause bleeding, a severe allergic reaction, kidney failure, death of the tissues around the bite, breathing problems, depending upon the type of snake.

With the use of the undermentioned poisoning treatments one can combat the terrible consequences of snake bites.


Grate onions and take 100 ml of juice out of it. Then mix 30 ml of onion juice with 30 ml of pure mustard oil. Give this much amount of solution to the person affected by the bite to drink at one time and give another dose after half an hour.  Keep giving this solution to the  person after every half an hour, it will definitely reduce the level of snake venom in the body. Initially, three doses would work. This is one of the best and effective poisoning treatment for snake bites and there had never been any requirement of taking this solution more than three times. It works wonders just in three doses.

Do not panic if you are bitten by a snake because all the snakes are not poisonous and snake bites are rarely fatal. Still, it is advised to take the person to the hospital as soon as possible and in case you are not able to reach to the doctor, then in urgency you can follow these poisoning treatments at home as first aid.


  1. The first thing is to tie up firmly a rope, string or a bandage just 7-8 cms. above the area of the body bitten or the area till where the poison is spread and also two-three more tie ups each with a gap of 2-3 cms. This will stop the blood flow and will prevent the poison from spreading in other parts of the body.
  2. If the area is such where no bandage can be tied, in that case apply ice on all sides of the wound or else place immediately some embers on the area of body bitten or peel off the area and burn it with a red hot iron rod or piece. Remember there will always be the visible teeth marks of the snake or a bruise on the affected area and if you rip off the area, you will see black blood oozing out, along with this, the hair of that area will look drooped. As the poison spreads the veins of the affected area turns blue.
  3. After tying the bandages, make a deep cut of plus (+) mark on the area with the help of a sterilised blade or a knife, all the poison will come out of the area with the blood. This is an immediate treatment. Squeeze out all the poisonous blood from the bite by pressing the area hard.
  4. If you place a burning piece of lime on the bitten area, it will absorb all the poisonous blood from the body. Then the doctor can easily scratch the wound and stuff the wound with some fine powder of potassium per magnate.
  5. Do not let the person sleep for the next 12 hours after the bite otherwise the poison will spread in all parts of the body. Try to keep the person awake by boosting his/her morale throughout the treatment or splashing some water on his/her face every now and then. Let him/her sit all the time. Never try to give him/her any kind of alcohol or make him/her smell ammonia, this could get fatal.
  6. After the above first aid, take the person to the hospital for proper medical help and in absence of any medical help, the above onion and mustard oil treatment can be done.

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