Oil Pulling-A Complete Preventive Health Care


Preventive health care comprises of measures taken to prevent various kind of diseases. We have been listening to this wise proverb-Prevention is better than cure” since ever and have even tried to implement the same into our lives. But how far have we been succeeded?

It often takes less effort to prevent than to cure. Hence, using some common and natural techniques, strategies, remedies, we can prevent most of the diseases, as nobody likes to spend unnecessary time, money and energy on evitable situations. Therefore, it is wise to prevent the problems before they occur.

One of the traditional preventive health care techniques that prevent multiple health problems is Oil Pulling/Oil Swishing.


Filling up your mouth with oil and holding it for few minutes, cures number of body ailment. This therapy was discovered by a Russian Scientist named Dr. M. Karach and who named this therapy as “OIL PULLING OR OIL SWISHING THERAPY”


After brushing your teeth in the morning and before having breakfast, take a tablespoon of sunflower oil in your mouth and swish it inside your mouth for at least 15-20 times. And then try to chew the oil the same you chew your food. Move your chin while chewing (like a horse does while eating), this increases secretion of saliva in the mouth where salivary glands work as a detoxifying organ. The saliva traps the toxins within the oil particles. Eventually, the oil turns polluted, thin and white. Thereafter, spit out the oil. Never swallow this polluted oil. Wash your mouth thoroughly several times with water after spitting the oil and then brush your teeth again because that polluted oil contains number of germs and other harmful elements. Also clean your basin properly after this therapy. This therapy can be practiced thrice a day in special circumstances but this should be done before meal on an empty stomach.

This preventive health care therapy takes 2-3 days to cure not-so-old diseases but takes a little more time to cure the long old diseases, sometimes a year or so. Therefore, do not give up with this therapy in between or before you see the results. In the beginning of this therapy, people suffering from multiple disorders can experience aggravation in their problems like increase in the body temperature. Do not panic, carry on with the therapy and everything will get back to normal by itself in a few days.  According to Dr. Karach, these symptoms indicate that you are taking the right treatment and that with the increase in the metabolism rate, the health is improving considerably. This preventive health care therapy comes up with surprising results if incorporated properly.

All the diseases that are purported to be prevented by the Oil Pulling therapy include:

  1. Teeth related problems—tooth-loss, bleeding gums, toothache, stained teeth etc.
  2. Long old blood related diseases
  3. Headaches
  4. Bronchitis
  5. Thrombosis
  6. Heart problems
  7. Kidney problems, Urinary disorders
  8. Stomach problems
  9. Lungs and liver related disorders
  10. Skin diseases
  11. Muscles related diseases
  12. Insomnia etc.


  1. This preventive health care therapy stops the growth of tumours and gradually cures it.
  2. As a result of Oil Pulling therapy, your get rid of the dark circles forever.
  3. It brings back the same freshness, vitality, mental strength, appetite, sound sleep etc naturally, you had before your ailments strikes out.

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