Natural Treatments For Weak And Emaciated Body

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Natural Treatments For Weak And Emaciated Body.Every time you look yourself in mirror, you feel there is something wrong with your body-type and you need a treatment for the same? Don’t be upset that you do not own a perfect body like models or movie stars. Every individual has a different constitution of body that reacts differently to what you give to it. None of us is perfect, we all have our flaws and the same is with our bodies. One should not be worrying much about gaining or losing weight, rather he/she shall work towards attaining a healthy, fit and a flexible body, except in case of morbid obesity or emaciation where you need to undergo a treatment for the problem.

Here we are going to discuss a number of treatments for weakness and paleness in the body, and also to gain weight in best and the healthiest way for emaciated bodies


Take 60 grams of barley grains, soak them in water for approximately an hour and tamp the same to remove the covering. Take 500 ml of milk and let it boil, add the soaked barley and sugar (as required) to the boiling milk. Cook the pudding until it is reduced to 3/4th. Eat the pudding for almost 2 months on a regular basis. It is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast for skinny people. In two months, a skinny individual transforms into a healthy person. If it is not possible to eat the pudding daily, then you can have it 2-3 times a week.


Drinking boiled barley water every morning and evening on a regular basis increases haemoglobin in body, but it is appropriate to consume it in summers.

How to prepare barley-water

  1. Tamp the grains of barley to remove the covering.
  2. Take 4-5 tablespoons of tamped barley grains and boil it in a half litre of water. Bring this to 3-4 boils and take it off the flame.
  3. Strain the mixture to separate barley grains from the water and add rock sugar (mishri) to the water.
  4. Drink a glass/cup of this barley water slowly.

Note: When you start giving cow/buffalo milk to an infant, half amount of this water can be added to the milk to make it light, nutritious and easy-to-digest.



Take 2 clean and full dried dates (Chhuhare) and 500ml of milk. Bring the milk to a boil and add the dates. When it reduces to half, add two spoonful of rock sugar (mishri), cool it to drink.


  1. The milk is very nutritious and helps to gain weight. It is rich in iron and helps to increase haemoglobin in blood.
  2. It keeps your lungs healthy and cures common cold and cough.
  3. It treats constipation, improves digestion and keeps your gut clean and healthy.
  4. Dried dates (chhuhare) are rich in healthy nutrients and are self-sufficient to cure various health disorders.
  5. It helps to cure mucus/phlegm accumulation, fever, virulence, cerebral asthenia, diarrhea, etc.


  • Take the milk for 2-3 weeks in winters.
  • Do not drink water for next 2 hours after drinking this milk in the night.
  • It clears your voice and improves its quality.
  • Do not eat dry dates (chhuhare) more than 4 at a time.


Soak two dry dates in a half glass of water in an earthen/glass pot overnight. In morning, throw away the seeds and boil these dates in 300 ml of milk. When it reduces to almost 250 ml, take it off the flame and it is ready to drink. Drink this milk daily; in few days, you will feel that the weakness in your body is all gone and your lost health is retrieved.


  • This remedy will improve your appetite in few days and will help to digest food easily. It removes all sorts of weakness from the body and helps to derive immense energy in body.
  • It also helps to treat bed-wetting by children. For that you need one dry date and boil it in 250 ml of milk and when the date becomes soft, take it off the flame and give this milk to the children when it comes down to room temperature. You will feel change in just 4 days. It can be further given for more days as required.


a) Dates milk- Take 5-7 dates, remove the seeds and wash them with water. Then take 300 ml of milk in a pot and the dates to it. Let this milk boil on a low flame. After 8-10 minutes when the dates become tender, take the pot off the flame and eat the dates by chewing them properly. Drink the milk after that. This is the most nutritious and cheapest natural recipe for a healthy body. Consume the milk for 2-3 weeks to 40 days daily, either in morning or night before going to bed.


  1. The milk not only helps in gaining weight but also a good treatment for constipation and other stomach related disorders.
  2. Dates keep your heart healthy and help in building new blood cells.
  3. It is an effective treatment for old and dry cough and asthma.

b) Dates and Ghee (Butter)- Separate seeds from the flesh of the dates. Mix 1/4th teaspoon of ghee (butter) and 1-2 pepper seeds with flesh of one date. Eat 1-3 dates according to your age for 2-3 weeks daily. You will experience an outstanding strength in your body.


BANANA FOR MUSCULAR AND BEAUTIFUL BODY- Eating 2-3 bananas daily after lunch is not only an invigorating but also helps in gaining weight and makes your body healthy and beautiful. This is to be consumed for at least 2 months, provided it proves to be beneficial to our body.


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