Natural Remedies: Yoga and Diet for High Blood Pressure Problem


Natural Remedies: Yoga and Diet for High Blood Pressure Problem: No matter how much you put your efforts in the kitchen bringing up your best natural remedies for treating your ailments, all goes in vain until you follow a strict diet and give up all unfavourable foods which work against your ailment.

In our last article, we came up with really effective and natural remedies for High Blood Pressure problem but the truth is that, such remedies can never live up to your expectations unless you know what is favourable and what not for your problem. Apart from this, you shall be aware of the yoga and exercises that bring the benefits of these natural remedies more efficiently. Therefore, with strict diet, yoga and exercise, you can bring out the best from the natural remedies available for your ailments.

Yoga for High BP

Shwasan or Shithilkaran (Laxation)

Regular practice of proper shwasan or shithilikaran (laxation) is like a boon for High Blood pressure patients.


For Shwasan(laxation), lie on your back on the floor.  Place both your hands alongside your buttocks in a way that your palms are facing the roof. Both your heels should touch each other and your toes apart. Afterwards, relax your body and keep all your body parts loose, start from your toes followed by your legs, hands, calves, knees, thighs, back, waist, stomach, chest, heart, shoulders, neck, brain and then your head. Be careful that none of your bod part remains stiff. Close your eyes and relax your body. Try to breathe gently during this position. Stop thinking and make your mind devoid of any thoughts. This act of laxation is called shwasan which looks simple but if performed rightfully, it is little complex. But with regular practice you can achieve expertise.

It brings peace and freshness in the body in just 5 minutes of practice and also removes stress leading to improvement in high blood pressure problem. No matter how tired you are, 10 minutes of shwasan will surely calm down and relax your mind and body.

Using left-nostril sound

If a person practices left nostril sound (breathing from left nostril) for continuous half an hour, the high blood pressure reduces to normal. You can develop the sound accordingly with regular practice.  If someone lies or sleeps on his right side, he develops the left-nostril sound. A very simple process of developing the nostril sound is to put cotton in the opposite nostril of the side you wish to develop the sound from.  In case you are sitting  then  simply put weight on one side and if you are standing then raise one of your heel and your weight will automatically shift on the other side, hence you will develop the sound of the opposite side to the side which you have shifted the weight upon.

Ideal Food and tips for High BP

  1. Lemon, Papaya, Amla, Oranges, Apple, Watermelon, etc.
  2. Amaranthus (chaulai) curry, spinach, Bottle gourd, garlic, raw carrots, carrot juice, bathua(chenopodium album), etc.
  3. Eating wheat chapatti soaked in milk in the morning.
  4. Glucose mixed in curd or yoghurt.
  5. Proper chewing of food.
  6. Avoid drinking water while having meals.
  7. Longs walks or walking barefoot on the grass in the morning for at least 15-20 minutes (avoid such walks in monsoon).
  8. Avoid stress.
  9. Regular exercise helps to control cholesterol level in blood.
  10. Peaceful and happy you is one sort of effective treatment for high Blood Pressure.
  11. Fasting foe once a week or in 15 days is proven to be beneficial in the condition. It reduces your high blood pressure.
  12. Wearing panchmukhi rudraksh helps in reducing high blood pressure. It make your arteries flexible and in shape. This rudranksh shall always  be in touch with your skin.

Unfavourable foods and tips for High BP

  1. Milk, butter, or milk made products, fried food, alcohol, smoking, salt, brinjals (eggplant), unripen banana, jack fruit, pulses, corn flour, sweets, jaggery, oil, sour food items, chilli and spices, polished rice, white sugar, tea, coffee, meat, fish.
  2. Long hours of sitting or standing, climbing up stairs, quick meals, over eating, anger, over excitement, impatience, stress etc.

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