Natural Remedies For Sinusitis


Natural remedies are the panacea for conditions like sinusitis, common cold, and other winter illnesses. Sinusitis, commonly called sinus, is inflammation of the sinuses resulting in thick nasal mucus, pain in the face and a plugged nose. Other symptoms include headaches, fever, poor sense of smell, cough and sore throat, etc. The cough gets aggravated at nights.

Sinusitis could be caused by allergies, infection, air pollution, etc. Mostly it is caused by viral infection and it may be bacterial infection if it lasts more than 10 days. Relapses are more likely in people with asthma and poor immunity.

Common conditions can be prevented by certain preventive measures like hand washing, avoiding smoking and improving immunity. Other than that, this condition can be well treated with natural remedies which can easily be done at home. In this article, we will discuss some of the best natural remedies that work wonders in conditions of sinusitis and cold.


Take some borax crystals (Suhaga) and roast it on an iron plate so that it gets little puffy. Store it in a glass bottle. If you are suffering from sinusitis or cold, consume half a gram of the powder (half quantity for children) with lukewarm water three times a day. This will treat your problem on the very first day or sometimes on the second or third day.  This remedy works wonders in medical conditions like sinusitis and cold.

How to roast borax powder and make it puffy..

Tamp borax crystals and keep it on an iron plate. Cook it on high flame till it melts first and then gets dry. Now, it will start getting puffy, keep flipping it with an iron knife in between. This way the tamped borax will get puffy. Grind it to form a fine powder and store it in a glass bottle.

Alternative Natural Remedies

Take 7 peppercorns and 7 batashe (white sugar candy) and cook the two in 250 ml of water. When the water reduces to 1/4th, take it off the flame and drink it hot. Take a nap for 10 minutes covering up all your body. Drink this in morning on an empty stomach and also in the night before going to bed. This natural remedy will clear off your sinus in just two days. It also treats cold, cough, little temperature and body ache. It will help your body sweat sweat and eventually makes it light and fresh. And if you also have fever with cold, you can add 7 basil leaves to the solution and drink it twice a day.

Basil Tea (Tulsi ki chaye)- take 7-11 fresh basil leaves or you can also use 1/4th tablespoon of dry basil leaves powder (dried up under the shade), 2 grams of fresh ginger or half a gram of dry ginger powder and 7 crushed black pepper corns. Add all the three ingredients to 200 ml of boiling water. Thereafter, take the solution off the flame and let it be covered for 2 minutes. Strain the tea after 2 minutes and add 100 ml of boiled milk and sugar or rock sugar to it. Drink it hot and thereafter take a nap for 10 minutes covering up all your body parts. It tea treats headaches due to cold, common cold, bronchitis, fever, malaria, indigestion etc. Use half amount of these ingredients for children. Drink this tea twice a day for at least 2-3 days. It also treats congestion in chest and pain in ribs. Having this tea throughout winters prevents you from cold, cough, throat & respiratory infection. This tea is panacea for throat and respiratory tract related problems.

Remedy for plugged nose

Take 10 grams of ajwain (ajowan caraway) and tie it up into a cloth. Roast the packet on an iron plate. Keep inhaling the packet. This will treat your cold, opens up the nose, removes mucus and also treats headache.


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