Natural Home Medicines for Insomnia and anxiety


Natural Home Medicines for Insomnia and anxiety: Insomnia commonly known as sleeplessness is a condition of sleep disorder where people have lack of sleep or trouble sleeping such as falling asleep, or staying asleep as desired. Insomnia is basically followed by daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, irritability, stress, tension, anxiety of any kind and depression.

Insomnia may occur independently or as a result of another condition such as stress, pain, hypertension, excessive use of drugs such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Regularising your sleeping habits and getting rid of the causes for the same are the best treatments of insomnia and anxiety. Apart from that there are ample natural home medicines for insomnia and anxiety available which you can try at home. There are some..


Take watermelon seeds and khas khas (poppy seeds) in equal quantities, grind them separately and then mix the two well and store it in a jar. Take 3 grams of this medicine very morming and evening. This will help you catch a sound sleep, it regularises your blood pressure and also treats headaches caused due to lack of sleep. Take this medicine for 1-3 weeks as required.

watermelon seedskhas khas

Alternative Medicines

  1. Take 6 grams of khas khas (poppy seeds), grind it in 250 ml of water and thereafter strain it through a thin cotton cloth, add 25 grams of fenugreek seeds to the solution. Consume this drink either in morning or evening at 4 o’clock on a regular basis. Continue this medicine for 1 to 3 weeks as required. This will naturally treat your problem of insomnia.
  2. Take 3 grams of mint leaves or you can also use dry mint leaves, boil the leaves in 200 ml of water for 2 minutes and strain the solution. Consume this tea warm after adding 2 teaspoons of honey to it, every night just before going to bed. It helps you have a deep and sound sleep. Take this medicine for 3-4 weeks as required.

mint leaves

3. Eat apple murabba (jam) of one apple just before going to bed, thereafter drink 250 ml of milk. This gets you in deep sleep, treats heart and brain weakness. Take it for 15-20 days regularly.

apple murabba

Adjuvant Medicine

  1. If you have a problem of getting less sleep or you sleep late in night, it is advisable to wash your feet with lukewarm water to soothe yourself.

soaking feet

2. Massage your soles with warm mustard oil just before going to bed, you will get a deep and sound sleep.

oiling your soles

3. You can massage your head with almond oil or amla (Indian gooseberry) oil or brahmi oil for a sound sleep.

head massage

4. Drop 4 drops of mustard oil in each of your ear before going to sleep and thereafter insert cotton balls into your ears to avoid dripping. This is one of the easiest natural ayurvedic home remedies for insomnia.

mustard oil in ear

5. Take a cotton ball, dip it into mustard oil and then place in on your belly button. Thereafter, tie a bandage to keep it in place. Do it just before going to sleep. It will help you catch a sound sleep.

oil on belly

6. It is advisable to keep your feet warm while sleeping especially in winters.

7. Patients suffering from insomnia shall eat a raw onion as salad with their dinner.

8. If you are not able to sleep because of insomnia, stress, drug addiction, anxiety or nervousness, in that case, start to count backward counting from 100 to 1 in your mind. It is a tested remedy for the condition.

9. The best medicine for insomnia is shankhpushpi (convolvulus pluricaulis). It is even better than sleeping pills that come with loads of side effects because shankhpushpi helps to lower down your mental stress and anxiety, strengthens your heart and helps you have a deep and sound sleep.


10. If you are suffering from insomnia, nervousness or shivering due to thyroid, use of shankhpushpi is one of the best natural ayurvedic home remedies for insomnia. Shankhpushpi even brings down the side and bad effects of anti-thyroid medicines.

Yoga for Insomnia: Gyan-Mudra

gyan mudra

Join the tips of your thumb and index finger together to form gyan mudra. Perform this mudra with both your hands while walking, sitting, and lying down. You can treat your problem of insomnia in just 2-3 days of regular practice. This mudra is very beneficial in the problems caused due to insomnia such as lack of concentration, anger, insanity, laziness, irritation and other brain related medical issues and it even strengthens your nervous system.


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