Increase Your Height With This Amazing Natural Medicine


Short stature or tall stature is usually not a health concern. People vary in heights all over the world and this is not at all a factor to categorize people as healthy or unhealthy unless they have a medical condition for the same. Despite the fact, most of the people tend to get attracted to tall people which brings complex in short heightened people.

Genetics play an important role in deciding one’s height but this is not the only factor for the same. There are other factors as well such as lack of proper nutrition, lack of physical activities, bad lifestyle, etc.

In this Article we are going to share some natural medicines that can help weak, malnourished and emaciated people gain height and health.

Take roots of ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) as required. Grind the same to form a fine powder and strain the powder through a thin cotton cloth. Then add equal quantity of powdered rock sugar and store the mixture in a glass jar. Consume 6 gram (around 2 teaspoons) of this mixture every night and drink cow milk after that. This will help weak emaciated person to gain weight and also helps to gain height. New fresh blood in formed in the body. It gives inner strength to the body and also helps to increase sperm count. It is being said about this remedy that it provides immense strength in the body.


  1. One needs to consume this medicine for at least 40 days for satisfactory results.
  2. Hot natured persons are advised not to consume this medicine much.
  3. This medicine is suitable for winter season.
  4. Before using ashwagandha, first boil the roots in milk, let it dry and then make the powder by grinding it thoroughly.


  1. The regular consumption of this medicine cures uncountable diseases like arthritis, backache, weak limbs, weak uterus, headaches, nightfall, diabetes insipidus, chest pain etc.
  2. It is an effective natural medicine for removing weakness from the body and providing remarkable strength.
  3. It works as panacea in gas related problems.
  4. It is a natural Nerve Tonic. This natural medicine works wonder in the condition of nervous breakdown during or after severe fever and even in body weakness. It also helps in tissue building. It is beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy and hysteria.
  5. Precautions: Avoid oily and fried food, sour food items and gastric food.
  6. Consumption of ashwagandha is prohibited in dysentery.


Apart from the above mentioned natural medicine, one can inculcate these other treatments to effectively increase his/her height:

  1. Yogasana: Practising certain asana definitely helps in increasing height such as: Taadasana, pashchimottanasana, chakrasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, paadhastasana, trikonasana, suryanamaskar. Generally, one gains height naturally till the age of 25 years but with the regular practice of taadasana, he/she can gain height even after the age of 25 years. Even practice of chakrasana alone is sufficient in increasing the height. Trikonasana helps to increase the height of the legs. It also helps in the case of children having difference in the length of their legs.


In the general form of the asana, the practitioner has hands and feet on the floor, and the abdomen arches up toward the sky. It may be entered from a supine position or through a less rigorous supine backbend, Some advanced practitioners can move into Wheel Pose by “dropping back” from Tadasana (Mountain Pose), or by standing with the back to a wall, reaching arms overhead and walking hands down the wall toward the floor.



Trikonasana is performed in two parts, facing left, and then facing right. The practitioner begins standing with the feet one leg-length apart, knees unbent, turns the right foot completely to the outside and the left foot less than 45 degrees to the inside, keeping the heels in line with the hips. The arms are spread out to the sides, parallel to the ground, palms facing down; the trunk is extended as far as is comfortable to the right, while the arms remain parallel to the floor. Once the trunk is fully extended to the right, the right arm is dropped so that the right hand reaches the shin (or a block or on the floor) to the front (left side) of the right foot, with the palm down if flexed. The left arm is extended vertically, and the spine and trunk are gently twisted counter clockwise (i.e., upwards to the left, since they’re roughly parallel to the floor), using the extended arms as a lever, while the spine remains parallel to the ground. The arms are stretched away from one another, and the head is often turned to gaze at the left thumb, slightly intensifying the spinal twist. Returning to standing, the bend is then repeated to the left.

  1. Swinging or hanging by keeping a hold of any high object also helps in gaining height but this activity should be practiced for a long time.

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