Healthcare Remedies for Haemorrhoids


Healthcare Remedies for Haemorrhoids: Haemorrhids, commonly called piles, is a disease when the vascular structures present in anal canal for cushioning, get swollen. The symptoms of the same depends on the type of haemorrhoids. in  internal haemorrhoids, you tend to experience painless, bright red rectal bleeding whereas in external haemorrhoids, you experience pain and swelling around the anus and the blood is darker in this case.

The causes for the disease are unknown, but there are a number of factors that supports haemorrhoids like constipation, diarrhoea, etc.

No specific treatment is needed for the problem. It requires healthy eating habits such as consuming good amount of fibre, drinking a lot of water and fluids. Apart from that you may opt for healthcare remedies available for the condition that work wonders and bring you no side effects. Let’s discuss some of them.

Remedy 1

Take two dry figs and soak them in water overnight. Eat the figs in the morning. Similarly, soak two figs in the morning and eat them in the evening. Do not eat anything pre and post 1 hour. Regular intake of this remedy for 8-10 days cures all kinds of haemorrhoids.



For complete cure and further prevention, butter milk is a panacea. Add half a gram or 1/4th teaspoon of ajwain powder (ajowan caraway) and about 1 gram of rock salt to a glass of butter milk. Consume it regularly after lunch. It helps in the treatment of haemorrhoids and prevent relapse of warts caused due to haemorrhoids.

ajwain butter milk

Ointment for Haemorrhoids warts

Add camphor to the boiling castor oil (one part of oil and 8 parts of caphor)and store it a glass jar. Wash your warts properly and then massage this oil on the warts twice a day (preferably in morning and nigh,t before going to bed). The warmth of this oil reduces the irritation, pain, itching and burning sensation. Regular use of this remedy dries out the warts. These warts get swollen up at times and come out of the anus. In such condition, if you massage with this oil and then try to push them inside, it will not pain at all and will be easier to push them back inside the anus.

camphorcastor oil

Adjuvant Treatments

  1. In severe conditions of haemorrhoids, only eat curd/yoghurt, rice and lentils (moong dal). Cook your food only in clarified butter (desi ghee). Try not to eat or do something that supports constipation. Avoid spicy, gas causing foods.
  2. In case of bleeding haemorrhoids, eating raw onions or onion chutney with yoghurt or butter milk is considered beneficial.
  3. Radish is a super food for the treatment of all kinds of haemorrhoids. Eating raw radish with leaves or having 25-50 ml of its juice on a regular basis purifies your blood and not only helps in the treatment of haemorrhoids but also cures other blood related problems.

yoghurtmoong dalonion chutneyradish

Treatments for bleeding haemorrhoids

Take a coconut with its hair on. Peel out the hair and burn it to ashes, collect the ashes and thereafter strain it through a cotton cloth. Now, consume 3 grams of the ashes with a cup of butter milk or yoghurt (make sure it is not sour) 3 times a day (morning, evening and night). Take this medicine for only one day. It will cure the bleeding haemorrhoids in a day and you may not feel the need of taking this medicine again but it could be taken further, if needed.

dry coconut


  1. No matter how old and severe condition you are in, this medicine completely cures the diseases in just one day.
  2. If you are eating right during the above treatment, the disease will never relapse. Only eat light and healthy food.
  3. Besides haemorrhoids, it even treats the problem of unusual white discharge called Leukorrhea in women. But the patient should avoid physical exertion like running, lifting heavy items, long walks etc., and shall give up sour, spicy, oily fast food during the treatment.
  4. This medicine is a panacea for the problems like cholera, nausea and frequent hiccups. You need to take 1 gram of the medicine with a sip of normal water.
  5. This medicine is also beneficial in the treatments of internal or external bleeding problems for eg. bleeding stools, vomit etc.
  6. This is one of the easiest, cheapest yet most effective healthcare remedies for the treatment of bleeding haemorrhoids. It works quickly and most effectively. You just need to take it for a day and it comes with no side-effects. The best part about this medicine is that, it is easily available in countries like India as it only requires a single ingredient.

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