Health Benefits of Uttanapadasana


Health Benefits Of Uttanapadasana

The Uttanapadasana has a wide range of health benefits if practiced on regular basis. It is purportedly beneficial for stomach related ailments. It is also helpful in weight loss and obesity. The alleged condition of ‘naval displacement’ (Dharma Digna) can supposedly be cured by this Asana.


Lie flat on your back, keeping the feet together and knees tight. Breathe in, exhale and arch the back by lifting the chin and slide onto the back of your head. If necessary, use your hands at the side of your head to lift your head and keeping it as far back as possible. Rest your arms on sides. Stretch the back. Breathe in and exhale slowly while lifting your legs to 45 or 50 degrees from the floor. Lift the arms, bringing them parallel to the floor. Both legs and arms should be straight. Extend the ribs and breathe normally. Your body is balanced only on the crown of your head and buttocks.


Practice the Asana in morning and also in the evening on an empty stomach for best health benefits. When you reach to the point where you are able to hold your breath for 1 to 3 minutes, your Asana position will be complete.


  • It removes belly fat and builds abdominal muscles. It increases height and prevents fat getting accumulated on belly.
  • It helps to strengthen intestine and improves digestion. It cures old constipation and other stomach related diseases.
  • The Uttanpadasana is best in curing naval displacement. If you practice this Asana for 5 minutes, your displaced naval come into place.
  • The one who practices this Asana will never suffer from Hernia and who is already suffering from the problem, can treat it gradually by regular practice.
  • You will never suffer from diseases like anxiety. It also cures breathlessness.
  • Apart from other health benefits, diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation, abdominal pain, foot pain, lung diseases, cough are also cured by regular practice of the Asana.


Lie flat on your back as shown in the given image and breathe normally. Place your hand on either side or palms should be facing down. Inhale slowly and lift the legs at 45 – 60 degree from the ground. Hold this posture for some time (15-20 sec) to feel pressure in lower abs. While exhaling (Breath out) relax your posture by lowering down your legs i.e. (Starting position). The whole body is balanced on the back that puts pressure on the naval.


  • Men and women both can perform this asana in the same method. Children of 6-7 years of age can also do this asana. This asana is as beneficial as Sarvangasana.
  • It works as a panacea to overcome obesity. The woman who has given birth to a child, can practice this asana to reduce her belly.

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