Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Tobacco And Smoking

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It is quite next to impossible for a person who has been addicted to smoking and tobacco for quite a while to give up the same and follow a regular addiction treatment. Despite number of resolutions, warnings on the packs and public campaigns, people addicted to these substances are not ready to quit. Why is that so? Is it because they are not concerned about their health? There may be different answers or “excuses” to the same that varies person to person.

These habits are the worst regimen that a person can get into. All these habits affect your lungs, throat, mouth and other parts of your body leading to diseases like lung cancer, oral cancer, tooth decay, infertility in both men and women, respiratory diseases, blood pressure, low immunity and even affects the health of the child in the womb. Therefore, it is important to give away these habits before you get sick.

Here are some natural medicines, home remedies and addiction treatments that can help you quit these addictions.


Take 100 grams of ajwain (carum ajowan), 100 grams of aniseed and 60 grams of black salt. Mix the three and grind them properly to form a fine powder.  After that, mix the juice of two lemons to the mixture and keep it overnight (it is better to keep it under moonlight on a full moon night). Next day in morning, cook the mixture in a pan on a low flame to evaporate the moisture.  Store the mixture in a glass jar as it is or just sprinkle few drops of lukewarm water and make small tablets of the mixture.  The medicine is ready.


Whenever you desire to smoke or have tobacco, take a small quantity of the powder, put it in mouth and chew, or just eat 1-2 tablets for 3-4 times in a day. Continue the treatment for few days, all the bad habits will automatically be done away with. There are other benefits as well, such as eradication of gas, increased digestibility, increase in appetite, blood purification, etc. Even the teeth affected by consuming tobacco and paan and toothache get treated. If you consume the mixture for 40 days, the stains of tobacco and paan inside your mouth will be cleared.


For quick results, you shall eat light and healthy food, go for a morning walk each day, practice yogasana and pranayama during the treatment.


If you want to quit habits of smoking and tobacco, but find it really difficult then take one small dry harad ( black myrobalan) that you find at grocery. Make small pieces of the same and keep it in a jar, and whenever you desire to smoke, eat tobacco or paan, pop up one small piece of harad (myrobalan) in your mouth. In a few days, you will give up the habits of smoking, tobacco and paan with the help of this addiction treatment.


To get rid of smoking, grind cinnamon into fine powder and mix it with honey, store it in a glass vessel. Whenever you desire to smoke, take half a teaspoon of this mixture.


Regular consumption of 25 ml of onion juice once a day relieves tobacco poisoning and one gradually gives away the habit.


Addiction treatment without any medication – If you do not want to take help of the above-mentioned medicines or you are not able to collect the courage to quit cigarettes and tobacco, there is an alternative for the same.  All you need to do is, gradually decrease the number or amount first and finally quit the same. For example: if you smoke 40 cigarettes a day then give up one cigarette each day. This way in 40 days, you will conveniently be able to quit smoking forever. After that, commit to yourself not to touch cigarette again in your life. Similarly, you can easily rid of the habits of any opiate and addictive substances.



Indulge yourself in physical activities like yoga and workout

One rigorous session of workout can distract your mind for hours and regular practice would definitely reduce your craving for nicotine and if you practice yoga along with, it would even add to your morale and give you an urge to lead a healthy living which I think lacks in people with addictions.

1. Breathing Pranayam:  Usually, yoga practice starts with breathing exercise that helps to calm you body and mind and it helps the persons going through an addiction recovery a lot by changing his/her overall demeanour.

2. Walking: sitting idle or physical inactivity may lead to different kinds of addictions. 30 minutes of walk on daily basis your make you active, busy and distracted and whenever you crave for smoking or tobacco, you shall go out for a walk, preferably a long brisk walk.

3. Running: Running is also one heck of a exercise to distract your mind from different sorts of unnecessary thoughts and habits. It makes you fit and healthy and gradually you will begin to see the change in your body as well as mind and will bring an urge to be fit that you will suo moto try to quit your addictions.

4. Push-ups: Push-ups almost activates every muscle in your body. It brings movement to all your body parts. Exercises that keeps you active all day helps significantly in quitting every kind of addiction.


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