Prevention From Common Cold & Respiratory Diseases


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


As soon as the winter approaches, people with low immunity tend to catch winter illnesses such as common cold, throat and respiratory diseases, by virus in the atmosphere or from other infected persons. Winter illnesses may also be caused by an inherited genetic condition in some people. These illnesses start with common cold and sometimes aggravate to cough, chest congestion, influenza or even bronchitis.

Here in this article we would talk about natural remedy and ways to avoid such illnesses this winter…


A person who eats 4-5 tulsi (basil) leaves every morning on an empty stomach, remains immune from many common diseases.  This remedy is very helpful in preventing diseases caused due to cold weather especially common cold, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, respiratory problems, etc. You can also consume these leaves by blending them in water or by simply chewing the leaves with water.


  • The consumption of Tulsi leaves in winters prevents you from catching cold and chest congestion and even cures the worst condition of cold by clearing up the mucus/phlegm from the chest. It also reduces the chest pain.
  • To cure the fever, intake of Tulsi leaves is recommended. Take three leaves of Tulsi and 3 corns of black pepper, blend them with a spoonful of water. Eating this mixture every morning helps to lower down the body temperature while you are suffering from pneumonia and malaria.


  1. The Holy Tulsi helps to boost the immune system.
  2. It contains Vitamin C that helps to fight common cold.
  3. It treats headaches caused due to sinus and cold.
  4. It contains good amount of antioxidants that protect heart.
  5. Tulsi is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma.
  6. It is anti-ageing and anti-bacterial.



  • Ginger
  • Black pepper
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Tulsi(Basil) Leaves

Method of Preparation

Take Seven Tulsi leaves (or powder of dried Tulsi leaves), seven crushed black pepper corns, one-fourth teaspoon of dry ginger powder (or 2 grams of fresh ginger). Add all these ingredients to a cup of boiling water in a pot and let it boil for 5-7 minutes more. Take the pot off the flame and cover it for 2 minutes. Thereafter, strain the tea and add 100 ml of boiled milk and two spoonful of sugar to it. Drink it immediately, cover yourself with a sheet or a blanket thereafter, take a nap for 5-10 minutes. The tea cures headache, common cold, bronchitis, common fever, malaria, indigestion and other diseases caused due to cold. It also treats congestion in chest and pain in ribs. Having the tea throughout the winter prevents your body from cold, cough, throat & respiratory infection.


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