Recipe Of Fenugreek Tea For Complete Health And Wellness


This is one unique recipe that we are going to share with you all for your complete health and wellness- Fenugreek tonic or tea recipe, which is as easy as regular tea and has some amazing health benefits that would help you improve and maintain your overall health and wellness.


  • 5 grams of fenugreek seeds
  • 200ml of water
  • Milk (as required)
  • Jaggery (as required)
  • Honey (as required)


Take 5 gram (about one and a half teaspoon) of fenugreek seeds (tamped) in a pot, add 200 ml of water to it and keep it on a low flame. After boiling for about 10 minutes, when the water reduces to 150 ml (3/4th quantity), take down the pot from the flame, strain the liquid through a thin cotton cloth. The tea is ready, drink it sip by sip. If the tea is too bitter then little milk and jaggery could be added or it can be consumed as it is in form of a tonic. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of honey to the drink is particularly beneficial for the treatment of cough, phlegm, chest pain and old heart disease. If you soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight in a glass jar before preparing this drink and boil the seeds in the same water, it will take less time to cook and is considered beneficial. This drink (with no addition) should be taken twice a day, one just half an hour before the breakfast and another just before going to bed. Regular intake of this tonic or tea treats acidity because fenugreek seeds work wonders in problems like indigestion and acidity.


  1. Fenugreek is rich in antioxidants, treats phlegm and acidity. Fenugreek seeds help to remove the fat and toxins from blood vessels, stomach and intestine and by purifying all the organs, it removes coronary swelling, irritation and pain, and thereby helps to maintain complete health and wellness. With the help of fenugreek, the process of digestion improves, the liver cleanses etc. and the overall health of the person improves drastically.
  2. The fenugreek seeds are similar to the chemical composition of cod liver oil, so for vegetarians, fenugreek is a good alternative to fish oil and similarly it also increases blood and thereby treats anaemia, weakness, knee pain, rheumatism, rickets, contagious disease, it is very beneficial in the prevention of weakness, inflammation, diabetes etc.
  3. In addition to the diseases of the digestive tract such as enema, stroke, dysentery, spleen and liver diseases, ulcer, colitis, etc. diseases of the respiratory instincts such as: cough, brazing, respiratory problems, bronchitis, chronic diseases of the chest etc. are also treated by eating fenugreek. Due to the properties of removing inflammatory swelling, fenugreek seeds help in removing fatty degenerative, tonsils and sinusitis. It also cures diseases of the mouth, throat and tongue. It is very beneficial in women’s menstrual disorders and also removes obstruction in the flow of mother’s milk. Being rich in nutrients, fenugreek acts as a common effective tonic for overall health and wellness.
  4. Modern discoveries have proven that use of fenugreek seeds, reduces urine and blood sugar level (diabetes), the level of cholesterol in the blood decrease, the blood pressure is balanced and triglycerides are also controlled. Special Vitamin B-17, which controls cancer is present in fenugreek in specific quantity, and juice of sprouted fenugreek seeds has become a highly beneficial remedy for gastric ulcer, intestinal swelling (colitis).

If you intend to achieve an overall health and wellness through this recipe, you shall take the following precautions before consuming it:

  • Those who are suffering from bile disorders, blood infection, bleeding piles, hemorrhoids, blood in the urine, or bleeding from any part of the body, should not use fenugreek because fenugreek is hot in nature. It is not advisable to use fenugreek in the hot summer season.
  • Those who cannot have foods with warming characteristics and who feel burning sensation in their bodies all the time, shall not consume fenugreek seeds in any manner.
  • When the patient is very weak and due to weakness, has become really skinny like skeleton, shall not consume fenugreek.

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