Easiest Natural Remedies for Weight Loss


Easiest Natural Remedies for Weight Loss: Deliberate weight loss is the loss of total body mass to improve fitness and health, or to change one’s appearance through slimming down your body. Weight loss in people who are obese can reduce health risks, increase fitness, and may delay the onset of diabetes and other related problems. Weight loss can also lead to a reduction in hypertension (high blood pressure), Hence it works differently on different people and one before jumping onto any conclusion, shall peruse his situation and of course his body as to what could go right or wrong if he opts whether to or not to go under intentional weight loss.

But like we have discussed that intentional weight loss can reduce health risks like hypertension, joint pains, diebetes etc. in some, one can easily undergo the process with proper precautions.

Kitchen Panacea is coming up with the easiest natural remedies to cut down your extra fat from your body in just few months.


Boil 125 ml of water and let it cool to lukewarm. Then add 15 ml of lime juice (approx. half a lemon) and 15 grams (approx. two tablespoons) of organic honey to the water. Drink it regularly for at least one month on an empty stomach. This drink reduces over all fat from the body. It cuts down every sort of fat from the body and makes it slim and toned. It also treats stomach related problems and improves metabolism.

Adjuvant Treatment

You can also practice yogasana and exercises along with the above treatment to lose weight faster. And if it is done in the morning, it gives doubly results. Yogasanas like:

  1. Uttanpadasana

Lie flat on your back, keeping the feet together and the knees tight. Breathe. Exhale, and arch the back by lifting the chin and slide onto the back of the head. If necessary, use the hands at the side of the head to lift the head and bring it as far back as possible. Rest the arms at the sides. Breathe. Stretch the back and on an exhalation, lift the legs to 45 or 50 degrees from the floor. Lift the arms, bringing them parallel to the floor. Both legs and arms should be straight. Extend the ribs and breathe normally. The body is balanced only on the crown of the head and the buttocks.

2. Paschimottanasana

This asana is practiced in four stages:

  1. In the first stage, stretch your legs straight and swing the upper part of your body back and forth. With each swing, try to reach further with your hands, touching your knees, calves, ankles, and finally your toes.
  2. In the second stage, while exhaling bend forward to touch your knees with your hands.
  3. From the second stage above, reach further to touch your toes with your hands.
  4. From the third stage, try to place your elbows at the side of your knees, and touch your knees with either your nose or your forehead.

      3. Bhujangasana

benefits of yoga everyday bhujanganasana

Lie down on your stomach on the floor with your legs straight touching each other and keeping your soles pointing upwards. Let your palms placed adjacent to your head touching the floor and hands little bent from your elbows. Then slowly lift your head up followed by your neck, chest and then stomach. Your lower body part (below your waist) shall touch the floor. Keep your neck upright and firm and then bend your head backward as much as possible and look in front. Your asana will be complete when your head, neck and chest are lifted high like a serpant’s head and you feel the pressure and strain on your lower back. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds in that position. Then first rest your chest on the floor, then your forehead. Loosen up your body by keeping your left cheek on the floor. It is sufficient to practice the process for three times.

You will find it difficult to perform the asana in the beginning but you will be able to perform it with ease after some time. Once you are comfortable with the asana, breathe in while going up and breathe out while going down.

  1. Dhanurasana

First you should lie prone and grasp the feet to lift the leg and chest to form a bow. Remain in this position for some time and then return to the previous position.


  1. Go on a light diet and have only one meal a day. Bring loads of greens in your diet. It is advised to only eat fruits in the evening in place of evening snacks. Avoid drinking water during meals rather, drink water after an hour. Give up tea, coffee, fattening foods and sweets.
  2. Where honey lemon water loses weight, lemon-water without honey increases weight.

Alternative Treatment

Try to drink boiling water (the hotter, the better) just after both your meals, drink as hot as you can by taking small sips or you can use spoon for the purpose. If you drink water in this way on a regular basis, it will lose your body weight and make your body proportionate. But do not drink it for more than 2 months. Doing it in winters with proper precautions for 15 days to 2 months (as required) not only treats obesity but also gas troubles, constipation, colitis, etc. This is considered as one of the easiest and cheapest natural remedies for weight loss.

Other benefits

  1. It even helps new mothers to lose their belly fat just after pregnancy.
  2. Drinking lukewarm water is anyway beneficial for the treatment of obesity, arthritis and joint pains.
  3. You tend to experience frequent urination which helps in removing uric acid and other toxic substances from the body.
  4. It treats gas troubles and prevents bloating.
  5. Treats constipations and improves indigestion. Prevents faeces getting stuck in intestine.
  6. It prevents stomach worms.
  7. It also treats problems like colitis, bloating, dysentery, etc.
  8. It strengthens your digestive system.
  9. It regularises menstrual cycle in women.
  10. It even treats dark circles, improves complexion and brings glow to your face.

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