Drug Detox Therapy – This is the drug detox treatment that you can do


If you are stuck in a condition that your dear one is under any sort of drug intoxication and you do not know how to deal with it. This is the drug detox treatment that you can do.

An ordinary person gets scared of the fallouts of drugs such as alcohol, cigarette-tobacco, opium, cannabis, marijuana, etc., and often fails to find the immediate treatment for the drug-affected person and how it is to be done. Here are some effective natural remedies for these problems.


For immediate treatment, take a cup of water, add the juice of one lemon to it and give this to the intoxicated person to drink as many times as necessary or you can also give him the juice of two apples to drink.


In case of alcohol poisoning which results from overdose, quickly prepare a mixture of 25 grams of pure ghee (butter) and 25 grams of rock sugar (mishri) and give to the patient half a spoon, every time when required.


1. Pour cold water directly onto the head.

2. Giving guava or a mixture of powdered sugar and powdered coriander/cilantro to eat to the intoxicated person is beneficial.


If one gets highly intoxicated on cannabis, take 30 grams of tamarind flesh soaked in 250 ml of water, mix it well and strain the entire mixture and add 30 grams of jaggery to it. Give this mixture to the intoxicated person to drink. This mixture can also be used in alcohol intoxication and other intoxications as well.


1.  Give buttermilk or cold sweetened fresh yogurt to the intoxicated person.

2.  Give him lemon or lemon pickle to eat.

3.  Guava helps to treat the cannabis intoxication immediately.If the person is unconscious under the influence of cannabis intoxication but is able to sense his surroundings then eating tender shoots of Indian blackberry (Jamun) tree is the best immediate drug detox treatment. If the person is deeply unconscious then give him Indian blackberry (jamun) crushed leaves mixed in water, 2-3 times a day.

To get rid of faintness due to cannabis intoxication, put few drops of lukewarm mustard oil as many times into the ears of the patient unless he comes back to the conscious state completely.


Give roasted gram (chana) to the patient to eat.


To get away with the opium intoxication immediately, give a mixture of 1 gram of asafoetida (hing) mixed with 60 ml of lukewarm water or buttermilk, twice or thrice a day to the patient. If it has not been long after intoxication, let the patient vomit immediately. For easy vomiting- (a) give him 25 grams of ghee (molten butter) to drink or (b) give him two spoonful of salt mixed in a glass of lukewarm water to drink and then insert two fingers into his throat to make him vomit or (c) give him a mixture of ground black mustard seeds mixed in a glass of lukewarm water to drink. These are the best drug detox methods.


1.Do not let the patient sleep, keep him alert. Sleeping after having opium on an empty stomach increases the effect of poisoning. Pour cold water onto the head of the patient and keep pinching him. To avoid sleep after vomit, give him strong coffee after every 15 minutes.

2. If someone has opium mixed with sesame oil then it is difficult to save his life. In such case, taking 4 grams of alum powder with water reduces the effect of poison.

3. It is advantageous to have 25 grams of walnut kernel daily for seven days.

4.Drinking 15 ml of milk for 8-10 times a day treats opium and cannabis intoxication.


The immediate drug detox therapy for marijuana is giving mint juice or simple mint leaves to the intoxicated person.


1.    Make him drink pure ghee(molten butter).

2.    Make him drink tamarind water. It is the drug detox treatment that helps to treat cannabis intoxication and poisoning.


If someone is highly intoxicated with Hash or weed, take 60 grams of grapes, grind and strain the paste, add half a glass of water, black pepper, cumin seeds and salt and give this juice to the intoxicated person to drink. This will immediately reduce the level of intoxication.

ALTERNATIVE: Drinking 100 ml of onion juice helps to reduce all kinds of intoxication immediately.



Along with the above mentioned natural remedies used for de-addiction of drugs, yoga also helps addicted people during recovery whether you are going through a formal de-addiction treatment or you are following natural remedies at home.Yoga significantly helps to prevent relapse, withdrawal symptoms, builds confidence to overcome the situation, reduces stress and provides a healthy lifestyle to the person.Now, we will discuss some of the yoga poses and pranayam that a person can practice during the addiction recovery:

1.    Breathing Pranayam:  Usually, yoga practice starts with breathing exercise that helps to calm you body and mind and it helps the persons going through recovery a lot by changing his/her overall demeanour.

2.    Shavasana (Corpse pose): In this asana, the practitioner lays flat on their backs with the heels spread as wide as the yoga mat and the arms at the sides of the body, palms facing upward. Performing Shavasana for 10 minutes treats fatigue and reduces mental and physical stress from the body immediately.

3.    Legs-up-the- wall pose: In this asana, the practitioner lies on the back with his buttocks as close to the wall, then extends his legs up the wall straight resting fully against the wall. This pose is the most relaxing pose and calms you body and mind.


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