Clean Blood Naturally With This Super Food: Carrot


The cases of blood infection and boils on the skin are definitely not the signs of clean blood in your body and these problems are caused due to presence of toxins in the blood. The general causes for toxic blood are consumption of junk food, lack of physical activity, excessive consumption of animal based products, etc.


In such condition, drink half glass (approx. 125ml) of carrot juice every morning after breakfast and in the evening during snack time. Drink it for 15-20 days to treat blood infection, blood impurities and boils.


  1. The carrot purifies the human blood and balances the ratio of acids in the blood. The people, who suffer from swelling in the joints due to blood disorders and increased amount of uric acid in the blood, are advised to consume carrots to prevent such diseases. The consumption of carrots improves heart and blood circulation and removes toxins from the body.
  2. Consuming half glass of carrot juice every day, increases weight and cures anaemia. The patients with pale yellow colour skin become healthy and beautiful like a blooming flower.
  3. Carrot juice is disinfectant, removes infection in the eyes, throat, and windpipe (trachea).
  4. The problems of high blood pressure and intestinal gas are cured. Complaints of stomach gas, stomach bloating and diarrhoea are sorted by regular intake of carrot juice. It also keeps the rectum clean.
  5. It cures liver diseases, bile disorder, burning in urine, production of sand like material in urine, kidney and urinary stones, kidney burns etc.
  6. Eating carrots everyday increase mental, physical and nervous strength. Carrots strengthen the muscles and clean blood. It gives strength to the heart & brain, liver and gall bladder and also strengthens the bones. Carrot is a tonic for every person. One experiences the strength of a young person even in old age. Carrots contain elements that provide more strength than meat. It is considered as one of the alternatives of fish oil (cod liver oil). Carrots have abundance of iron, sulphur, keratin and vitamin ‘A’, and contains four times phosphoric acids than any other phosphoric acid containing substance. If one continues to drink carrot juice for continuous 3-4 months, he does not feel tired even after working for 10-15 hours a day.
  7. If you want to get rid of glasses and like to keep your eyesight sharp even in old age, keep drinking carrot juice twice a day for almost 6 months. Vitamin ‘A’ is extremely beneficial for your eyes, you can even have raw carrots for Vitamin ‘A’.
  8. Consumption of carrot juice removes skin scars and cures skin diseases. If a person eats seasonal carrots regularly, the white spots on the chest and neck are removed.
  9. Regular drinking of one small glass of carrot juice at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon for at least a week destroys stomach worms completely.
  10. Carrots are panacea for people complaining about mucous/phlegm. It removes accumulated phlegm from the lungs. Carrots are beneficial in the diseases of cough, chest pain etc.
  11. If you drink a small glass of carrot juice regularly in afternoons for continuous 2-3 months, it will heal tonsils and goitre and it will prevent one from all kinds of common acute problems. For vegetarians, carrot juice is a great alternative of fish oil for the treatment of goitre because it contains necessary minerals including iodine.


  1. While undergoing any treatment for the purification of blood, one shall give up fried and spicy food. In fact, one should start eating more and more of fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices (without adding any seasoning). The ideal ratio of eating fresh fruits & vegetables and spicy food should be 4:1 means your intake of fruits and vegetables should ne four times the fried and spicy food. Many of your diseases would be cured if you eat your food in this manner.
  2. Carrot juice should be consumed without ice.
  3. If it is hard for anyone to drink the juice as it is then a little bit of ginger, black pepper, rock salt may be added to the juice or in place of carrot juice; one can have the grated carrots as it is.
  4. If drinking carrot juice in the morning does not suit anyone, in that case, it is recommended to drink carrot juice only once in the afternoon.
  5. Method of making carrot juice- take carrots first, grind them in the blender with water (as required). Strain the juice through a clean thin cotton cloth. Pour the juice into a glass jar and drink immediately without adding anything to it.

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