Child safety is the main motive of the Pradhyumn Foundation


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Child safety is the main motive of the Pradhyumn Foundation

Welcome to the Pradhyumn Foundation where Member work current safety and violence prevention issues relevant to children. There are many NGO’s which is a help and providing many facilities to the kids. NGO works with state and jurisdiction Maternal & Child Safety and Injury & Violence prevention programs to create an environment in which all children and youth are safe and healthy. Their goal is to equip states and jurisdictions to strengthen their capacity, utilize data and implement effective strategies to make major reductions in injury-related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits.

NGO’s is designed as a sponsorship support programme which allows individuals to participate and support the education of a child in India.  The main objective is the impacting the nation’s development through education of the child.  They provide many schools with academic, material support and social support. NGOs by giving technical inputs wherever required to ensure that quality education is being imparted to the entire child in India. They also provided many plans to the child. They provide the best feature of the school and organizations. NGO’s in cooperation with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau. NGO’s provides technical assistance on injury and violence prevention planning, programs, and evidence-based practices to state and jurisdiction health departments and health and safety services and systems. NGO’s will play a major role in education and awareness, monitoring areas of law reform. They also put in place appropriate regulations, monitoring and supports to the industry. It is essential that these measures are all taken to enhance security protection for children.

They plan many programmes. In that programmes, they explain topics in safety of children. The Personal Safety Education Program is the implement of the better life. These training can be customized to suit the needs of the NGO. In these days we find it very difficult to pass a day safely without taking proper safety measures to prevent untoward incidents like a Road (un)Safety incident or a fire in a public place or terrorist attack or an attack from anti-social elements & many more kinds of unforeseen incidents and disasters of natural calamities like earthquake, flash floods and tsunami which are challenging the community. It is time to make every individual aware of the possible disasters and get preparedness education to maintain safety measures to reduce a loss of property and life.
In India, many foundation and organization make the new project for Children safety. They are making new plans and rules for child safety. Keeping children of all ages safe and healthy is one of the most important tasks of child care providers. Health and safety are major concerns for child care.

It providers when transporting children in NGO’s.  They should be prepared to prevent injuries to handle emergencies. The importance of child care quality is the most consistent finding among the many studies linking child care to children’s development. Child’s needs depend upon her age, of course, but all high-quality care will include certain key ingredients. Among these are sensitive and responsive caregiving, cognitive and language stimulation, and a safe and healthy environment.

Children should receive education in a safe and secure environment, so it is requested that the school managements take timely and general safety steps as may be required time to time. School children transport vehicles must follow 100% rules of the Road Transport Authority and a periodical check by the third party is advised.
Below are the many factors that contribute to injuries in this setting including:

Other children (pushing, throwing)
Physical environment
Bicycles and sleds


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