Best Healthcare Remedies For Weak Memory


All you need is to imbibe the healthcare remedies prescribed here to your daily regimen for all your problems related to mental health.

“Our memory is a perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist.”

― Guy de Maupassant

Are you bad at remembering things? Who said what? What things have you kept where? We all tend to forget things at times but those who are frequent at this might cause themselves a little trouble and be irritating at times. The main causes of poor or weak memory are less sleep, lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, stressing habits, mal-nutrition etc. But these are just habits that can be get away with, and poor/weak memory can be well-treated by doing little efforts in your kitchen. These common ingredients from your kitchen can work wonders if you are dealing with poor/weak memory.


Soak seven almond kernels in a transparent glass of water in the evening. In the morning, peel off the skin of the soaked almonds and grind the same to form a thick paste. If you have weak eyesight, grind four pepper seeds along with. Add the paste to 250 ml of boiling milk. Take it off the flame after three boils, add 1 teaspoon of ghee (butter) and 2 teaspoons of sugar to it and let it cool down until cool enough to drink. Consume the same for 15 to 40 days, as required. It is an unbeatable healthcare remedy for people with weak memory. You may consume this milk once a week before going to bed for a healthy brain and memory.


  1. This almond milk is beneficial in the winters and is extremely useful for people with mental work and students. After drinking this milk in the morning, it is advisable to not to eat anything for next two hours. And almonds are considered as one of the best healthcare remedies for forgetfulness.
  2. If you consume the above milk for 3 to 4 times, it helps to relieve the pain in half head.
  3. If you consume the almonds after making a fine paste by rubbing them the way you rub sandalwood and also by chewing them properly, it digests easily and gives better and quick results.


If the above healthcare remedy is not possible then you may take seven soaked almonds (without skin) with four black peppercorns or its powder), consume these almonds one by one each morning by chewing them properly and then drink a glass of warm milk afterwards. With the increase of memory, it also helps you get rid of a number of diseases of the eyes such as weak eyesight, eye fatigue, ophthalmia etc.


The almonds are a nutritionally packed super food and are rich in various vitamins like Vitamin B2(Riboflavin), Vitamin E and some of the essential minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. Vitamin E protects the body from neurological disorders and brain damage, while different minerals present in almonds helps to boost the brain power/memory:

Iron: Increases brain function and guarantees blood circulation and oxygenation of various organ systems.

Magnesium: It helps in fighting stress and anxiety.

Manganese: It plays an important role in brain functioning and cognitive abilities.

Phosphorus:  This mineral is imperative in boosting brain function.

Zinc: Zinc is mainly employed for treating brain disorders.And when almonds are taken with milk in the abovementioned form, this works as a panacea for disorders like weak/poor memory, neurological disorders, stress, anxiety etc.


Besides the healthcare remedies for poor memory mentioned above, one can practice yoga to deal with these disorders. And Gyan Mudra is very beneficial if you are suffering from poor/weak memory or forgetfulness.


By touching the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb and your middle, ring and little fingers extended straight, you form Gyan Mudra. One should practice this Mudra with both his hands and for at most time in a day, even while walking, lying in bed or while sitting anywhere. It helps you treat your poor memory, anger, impulsive behaviour, laziness, irritable behavior and also improves concentration.



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