Common Head Diseases & Chronic Migraine Natural Remedies

migrain headache

Migraine natural remedies work better than the expensive treatments available in market and these remedies come up with no side-effects which make them even more beneficial to opt for.

If you are experiencing pain in one-half of your head, it could be a migraine. A chronic migraine is an individual ailment which is not caused by another ailment or disease. A migraine can cause pain either in one half of the head or pain all over the head. This pain gets severe at times that the affected person finds it difficult to perform his daily activities, which is a condition of a chronic migraine. The other common symptoms of a chronic migraine are Giddiness, Nausea, dizziness, vision problem, increased sensitivity to light and sound, etc.

But if you employ a following migraine natural remedies and pranayams prescribed below, you can deal with your old migraines.


Dripping two-four drops of  fresh cow’s ghee (butter) into your nostrils with the help of cotton bud or simply smelling the same every morning and evening, ends the chronic migraine pain or pain in one-half of head the same day. It also cures epistaxis/nosebleed completely in seven days.


Putting 7-8 drops of mustard oil in the nostril of the side of the head that is affected, for instance if you have pain on the left part of your head then you shall drip oil in your left nostril or simply inhaling the oil in lieu of dripping, from the nostril of affected side, stops the pain immediately. Do this for 2-3 times a day, for 4-5 days, and you will forget the migraine pain/pain in one-half of head forever.


Pranayam works wonder when it comes to headaches and migraines. Here are some of those that can help you cure migraines:

  • Bhastrika Pranayam

It is a breathing exercise, the movement of air is accompanied by an audible sound. One inhales and exhales equal rounds of Bhastrika.  Do it for 15 minutes daily.

  • Kapalbhati Pranayam

The Technique of Kapalabhati involves short and strong forceful exhalations and inhalation happens automatically. Do it for 15 minutes daily along with Bhastrika pranayam.


If you feel the objects around you are moving when actually they are not, you tend to have vertigo. It can be trivial or severe, you often feel spinning or dizzy and it gets worse when you experience nausea, unnecessary sweating. Vertigos or Giddiness can be caused by frequent intake of drugs, head injury, ear infection etc. This could be well treated by home/natural remedies along with healthy eating habits, regular physical exercise and yoga.


Take 6 grams of dry seedless Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and 6 grams of coriander/cilantro seeds. Crush these two (not so powdery). Soak the mixture overnight in 250 ml of water in an earthenware/clay pot. Filter the mixture in the morning to separate it from water and grind it a little and add powdered sugar of equal quantity to the mixture. Eat 1-2 spoonful of the mixture with water. The complaints of vertigo and giddiness will be gone within 2-3 days. This also cures headaches caused by heat due to the weakness of the mind in the summer. It also helps to cure the blackouts due to Amentia (weak brain). This is the best natural treatment for giddiness.


  • Take it for 8-10 days (as required).
  • It is also beneficial in migraine.


  • Anulom-Vilom Pranayam

Do it for 15 minutes daily.

  1. First of all, close your eyes and sit in Padmasana and rest your hands on your knees.
  2. Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly through the left nostril, inhale the oxygen as much as you can, this will fill your lungs with air.
  3. Remove your thumb from your right nostril, as you remove your thumb from right nostril just exhale.
  4.  When you exhale use your middle finger to close your left nostril then inhale with our right nostril and remove thumb from right nostril then exhale. Repeat this process for 5 minutes.
  5. Be focused and concentrate on your breathing.
  •  Kapalbhati Pranayam

Do it for 15 minutes along with Anulon-Vilom.


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