5 Best Valentines Day Ideas to surprise your special one this year

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Ideas: Valentine’s bells have started to ring, getting louder with each day passing. Now is the time you can plan a special gift for your someone special and what could be better than surprising your partner with DIYs, that will reflect your love and dedication at the same time. So, do not bother to visit stores and get ready to wear your creative shoes this valentines.

Let your Valentine know how imaginative you can get…

  1. Coupon diary- Privilege is the word

Gifting your partner a handmade gift and that too a diary with coupons of privilege could never go wrong. This would definitely prove to be the hero of all valentines day ideas.

coupon diarycoupon diary 1


You just need to..


Prepare a diary of your choice, either you can get it from any store or customize it with compilation of designer papers of your own choice and add as much pages you want. Now comes the main and most exciting part: Writing Coupons & Love Quotes on each page. No one else except you can decide the coupons you wish to gift your partner but as it is all about giving privileges to the other, try to be as kind and generous as you can. For instance, you can give him/her a privilege of abiding by all his/her orders/requests for a day or you will take your partner out for a dinner date or something, etc. Just try to surprise your partner with really cool and lovely ideas.


  1. Handmade Candles- Bright Side

Brighten up ear to ear smile on your partner’s face by gifting him/her a pack of handmade candles. You see different kinds of candles with different fragrances in the stores. But, how about making your own for your lovey-dovey.



All you need is..


Glass jars/bottles, candle wax, a string, crayon of any colour and fragrance of your choice. Melt the wax in a container, add colour and fragrance to the liquid wax. Tie the string with a pencil or a pen and keep it across the brim of the jar or bottle. Then, slowly pour the wax into the jar. Let it sit overnight. Wallah!! Your candles are ready. Now, you can decorate the jar with glitter or blings and etc. to make them more beautiful and lively.


  1. Recorded Love Speech: Till Eternity

If you are planning to gift your partner something that lasts forever this valentine. This is the right way to do it..Voice Recording. Record a love message or speech in your own voice because nothing soothes your ears better than your loved ones’ sweet voice. Speak your heart out and let your partner know how happy you feel to have him/her. This recording will last with him/her for a really long.

And if you could record his/her favourite music or song in the background while recording your voice that would the cherry on top.

love speech

  1. Present your love story: Nostalgia it is!

It won’t be wrong if I say: “Every Love Story Is Special”. Every couple feels its story to be really special and why not, they had lived their special moments, ups-downs together unconnected with others. It’s time to re-live them again.

love story picture


What you can do is..

Narrate your story through a short movie containing your pictures, favourite songs, favourite dialogues, etc. You can develop such movies on simple mobile apps.


  1. Room/Space Décor: Our own den

Room Decoration

What Valentines day ideas would be better than decorating the place of meeting and making him/her love the ambience of the place you guys are at. No matter what place you guys choose to meet, you should make it look pretty and comfortable with DIYs. Do some brain storming to come up with really amazing ideas of room/space décor. Also bring in some delicious food and drinks to the surprise. Enjoy the moment of being together.



P.S. “It’s just your heart all I need”.


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